A car whenever you want, wherever you want.

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A car whenever you want, wherever you want.

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Your choice, your freedom


Choose your car

Select one of the 350 environmentally friendly sharing cars (electric & CNG) according to the free-floating principle with the mobile application.


Drive to your destination

Open the car with the mobile application, then drive to your destination and afterwards park anywhere you like within the Antwerp region.


Pay per minute

End your trip and pay per minute. No parking costs, no insurance costs, no monthly fees and no fuel costs!

Your freedom which is affordable

Always a car at your disposal. Without any fixed expenses. Now that is Poppy!


when you’re driving, anywhere in Belgium


when you park your car and keep hold of your reservation


use the vehicle for 24 hours in one session, perfect for the longer rides

*200 km are included in every trip. From any km over 200 km you’ll pay an additional €0,25 per kilometre.

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All in pricing - no extra costs

At Poppy, you won’t pay any subscription nor monthly fees. You just pay per minute when you start driving!

Included in the offer

Charging and fueling

We’ll always provide fully charged and fueled cars.

Park anywhere

With a Poppy car, you can park for free on public spaces anywhere in the homezone of Antwerp.

Car wash

The Poppy team will make sure your car is nice and neat at any time.

Omnium insurance

No extra insurance costs for you.

350 cars are at your disposal

Poppy is launching 350 cars in Antwerp and is planning to expand quickly to other cities within Belgium.

Enjoy our environmentally friendly and stylish cars!

Volkswagen e-Golf

  • Completely electric
  • Driving range of 250 to 300 km
  • Premium edition
  • Ideal for city traffic
  • Eco-friendly

Audi A3 g-tron

  • CNG & benzine
  • Driving range of almost 1000 km
  • Premium edition
  • Ideal for long distances
  • Eco-friendly

Sundays at grandma's

Every week I visit my grandmother. We play games and eat some cake. On Sundays there isn't much traffic so I arrive at my granny's in Borgerhout in nine minutes. Back and forth it costs me less than six euros!

Philippe, 22 years old

Fresh air at the beach

Every now and then I like to go to the Belgian coast. A cosy walk on the beach with my girlfriend, shopping in Knokke and then a comfortable Poppy ride home. I like it!

Alexander, 26 years old

To the movies at ease

Me and my friends like to go to the Kinepolis. But often the public transport is holding us back. Now we just take a Poppy and we’re there within ten minutes. €3,30 for a great ride with some good music.

Yasmin, 24 years old

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