The story behind Poppy

The story

Since 2018 we are playing a major role as Poppy Mobility in the local shared mobility landscape.

  • Before building Poppy

    Before launching Poppy, we thought deeply about the urban mobility today in our main Belgian cities and how we could bring something new and something complete to the table. We noticed that today's urban mobility in big cities raises 5 challenges and we wanted to bring an answer to each of those challenges with our Poppy solution. These challenges are as follows:

    1. 96% of the time cars are parked

    2. 12% of the time spent behind the wheel s time in traffic, 105 hours per year

    3. 30% of the city surface is used for parking space 

    4. 114 MILLION tons of CO2 emission per year in Belgium
    5. 410€ Cost of an own car on average per month

  • Poppy Mobility is born 🐣

    18th January 2018 - The startup is born as a corporate venture between a young entrepreneurial local team and the listed company D'Ieteren, offering 350 eco-friendly grey & red cars in Antwerp city. What a 💥 on the Belgian carsharing market.

  • Testing scooters 🛵

    August 2018 - The Poppy community is growing fast with new needs: not different but clearly complementary. This marks the moment when Poppy reinforces shared mobility concept by launching 25 e-scooters as a test.

  • Welcome to Brussels 📍

    April 2019 - It's a turning point and a 💥 again for Poppy, including Zipcar's zone, users and employees to our existing Poppy: welcome to Brussels !

  • With Poppy you go intercity 🚀 & to airports 🛫

    May 2019 - Present in 2 cities and with a growing community, Poppy is nothing but an intercity sharing service. From Antwerp to Brussels and the other way around, go intercity. Planning to travel ? Poppy brings you safely to Brussels Airport and help you go back home

  • 1 app, 3 vehicles 🚗🛵🛴

    August 2019 - It's not only cars but now 3 vehicles you can drive under the same and unique app. Welcome to the e-steps 🛴 and e-scooters 🛵 into the Poppy app. At this very important moment, Poppy becomes the one in Europe offering 3 types of shared mobility vehicles under 1 app. It's a 💥 again.

  • Seems you like to travel 🛫

    December 2019 - Poppy loves ending the year with big news : you can now drive to Antwerp airport and leave your Poppy there. Want to go back home afterwards ? You'll find a Poppy in the airport parking. How easy is this ?

  • The fleet is more and more complete 🚀

    Spring 2020 - The Poppy community continues to grow and it's time to update the fleet with new car models & a very better version of the current e-steps. Welcome to the SKODA e-CITIGO, the SEAT Mii electric, the SEAT Ibiza CNG and the Opel Corsa to our new Poppy red fleet ⚡️

  • Say hi to Brussels South Charleroi airport 🛫

    Summer 2020 - In order to have a complete offer in terms of airports availability, Poppy has expanded its zone to Brussels South Charleroi airport. Again, drive safely and come back home easily.

  • Refuel with bioCNG ☘️

    Autumn 2020 - Lucky you ! As of now you can refuel and recharge your favourite cars yourself. Whaaat ? You receive free credits in exchange ? Ok, let's meet at the gas station then 👋🏼 Besides this new feature, the CNG at Poppy becomes bio thanks to Total ⛽️❤️

  • Bye bye 2020, welcome to 2021 🎆

    Stay tuned for amazing news in 2021... You think you know what's going to happen ? Let us know via the chat on our website, and maybe you'll get a little surprise 🎁

  • Hello Mechelen 👋

    Since June 1st, the city of Mechelen has officially welcomed a part of our Poppy cars 🚗 Mechelen thus becomes our 3rd big zone Another new 💥 at Poppy!

  • Let's go to the beach 🏄🏻‍♂️

    July 1rst, 2021 - Whether you are a fan of surf or croquettes, take your Poppy to the seaside and end your trip in one of the 8 seaside zones. More info here.

  • Go with the flow with the VW Polo 🚘

    August 2021 - The fleet is growing again! The 5th car model is now available: the Volkswagen Polo 6 ! Easy to park and drive, she is big enough for a weekend trip with your friends. Plus she offers you 600km range. All info here.

  • Poppy celebrates its 4th birthday 🎂

    January 2022 - With a user base that has doubled in volume since 2019 and now reaches over 100,000 people, Poppy is proudly celebrating its 4th anniversary and has become a major player in car sharing in Belgium.

  • Vans join the Poppy fleet 🚐

    March 2022 - Moving never looked so good 😎 New vehicles have just joined the Poppy fleet. Need to move, go to IKEA, or just carry bigger stuff? We have the solution for you!

  • Kick scooters in Brussels 🛴

    1st September 2022 - Say hello to the 1500 new kick scooters who has just joined the fleet.
    With Poppy, opt for a kick scooter, a car or take both to get around the capital 🚗🛴

  • Hello Gent 👋

    9th September 2022 - Poppy is opening its 4th zone in Belgium, it's now Ghent that will host the car-sharing service.

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Meet the team

Poppy is a shared mobility company that launched in January 2018 in Antwerp. Over the past few years, Poppy has expanded to Brussels, Mechelen, Ghent and airports (Zaventem, Antwerp & Charleroi). Your Poppy, your freedom! There is always a Poppy around the corner. Easy right?

With more and more Poppy users, the Poppy team has grown very fast and today we are a team of 40 players, making Poppy possible every day 👊🏼

Do you feel you have the Poppy vibe and you want to join our very exciting adventure? Check our open job positions and let's grab a coffee together 🚀

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