5 Popular Poppy uses πŸš—

Here are 5 popular occasions our members use Poppy for and how they get the best price!


Run Your Errands

Your weekly groceries, some last minute shopping or an important appointment? Pay €0.41 per minute while driving and only €0.30 for stopover time.


Business Meeting

Need a ride to your business meeting? Book your car up to 24 hours in advance. Don’t want to stress as your meeting runs longer than expected? Get unlimited stopover time with a Day Pass.


Moving Van

Moving houses? Planning a biking trip? Or your band is going on tour? Get one of our medium or large vans to transport your precious cargo. Van Day Passes cost only €85.


Weekend Trip

Planning a trip with your friends or family? Take a two day passes and drive anywhere in Belgium or its neighbour countries.


To/from the Airport

Take a Poppy and leave it at Brussels Airport, Brussels South - Charleroi Airport or Antwerp International Airport. You’ll only pay for the driving +the airport fee. Way cheaper and more convenient than getting a taxi!