What are points?

Whenever you make a trip, you earn points. For each euro you spend on a trip, before any discounts or credits are applied, you get 100 points. Points are valid for 3 months.

Keep your eyes open for special actions in the future that will give you even more points!

What can I do with these points?

If you earn enough points, you might level up to a new Reward Tier. There are 4 Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Each Tier has unique benefits that will be applied automatically whenever you reach it.

In addition, if you subscribe to the Ruby or Fire pass, you will automatically level up to the associated Tier, if you're not already in it.

What if I don't earn enough points to stay in a Tier?

If you don't earn enough points, you will go down a Tier. But don’t worry about it too much: you can never go down more than 1 Tier!