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⚠️ If your trip exceeds 15 km we gently advise you to opt for a car.

⚠️ If your trip exceeds 5 km we gently advise to opt for a car or a E-scooter

⚠️ This is an estimated price based on a normal trafic situation. Because you pay per minute, we are not able to calculate an exact pricing for your trip. Don't forget to add the 1€ unlock fee.

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Sundays at grandma's

Every week I visit my grandmother. We play games and eat some cake. On Sundays there isn't much traffic so I arrive at my granny's in Borgerhout in nine minutes. Back and forth it costs me less than eight euros!

Fresh air at the beach

Every now and then I like to go to the Belgian coast. A cosy walk on the beach with my girlfriend, shopping in Knokke and then a comfortable Poppy ride home. I like it!

To the movies at ease

Me and my friends like to go to the Kinepolis. But often the public transport is holding us back. Now we just take a Poppy and we’re there within ten minutes : €3,60 for a great ride with some good music.

Seaside escape

During these difficult times, I like to escape for a weekend at the seaside. A cosy walk on the beach with my girlfriend in Knokke and then a comfortable Poppy ride home. When you live in the city, you really need some fresh air. When you buy a pack of credits, you pay less than the normal price.

Use Poppy for your business

I'm working on a new professional project for which I am all the time on the road. Thanks to Poppy for business, I enjoy more interesting prices.

Enjoy a coffee break

I am from France working in Antwerp. Before the covid situation, together with my girlfriend we liked going out for a tour with a scooter to discover the city. We hope to enjoy coffee breaks again soon.

Perfect for a date

I remember the first time I experienced Poppy. It was for the first date with my boyfriend. I thought he was going to come with a scooter. I was in panic. At that time, I thought there were only scooters. But he finally showed up in a Poppy car. I was so relieved !

Get rid of your car

With my wife we decided not to take a car. The school for the girls is just around the corner. During the weekend, when we go to Jourdan market with the kids, we take a Poppy car. We put it on stop over until we are done and we go back home with the same car. Super easy ! We buy prepaid credits packages to pay less for more riding time.

Take advantage of the intercity possibility

I live in Brussels but my girlfriend lives in Antwerp. For us, it's so convenient to have a Poppy account. I can go to her place and leave the car there. And the same when coming back to Brussels. It's quite fun to be able to test different cars. Really love the electric ones in Antwerp!