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Always a car within walking distance.
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How it works ?

  • Sign up in the app. It only takes 2 minutes.

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  • Choose your vehicle on the map

  • Unlock the vehicle and start your journey.

  • End your ride anywhere in one of the citiesor airports covered by Poppy.

Poppy cars/vans

From €0.39/min or €0.99/km

€0.30/min for stopover

€1 unlock


Covering all Belgian airports

Poppy e-scooters


€0.15/min for stopover

€1 unlock

  • First and last mile

    Use our Combo Ride feature to reach the Poppy car or van you reserved.

  • Fast for short trips

    In the city, nothing beats the speed of an e-scooters or
e-bikes for trips shorter than 5km.

  • End your rental where you need to be

    No stations. Just park at your destination.

  • Free parking in zone

    Parking is free, in cities and airports covered by Poppy.

Ready when you are.

Poppy zones.

Within these zones you can pick up or drop off a Poppy car.
No need to pay for parking.

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