Complete tasks. Earn credits.

Earn Poppy credits by completing tasks, like fueling and moving Poppy vehicles. You can complete as many tasks as you want. You'll be rewarded for every completed task!

Do I have to pay for the ride?
Yes, but don't worry; you will quickly earn more credits than needed to cover your rides.


Fueling / Charging
Fuel / charge at any supported station via the app.

Moving to Hot Zone
End your trip in the hot zone within 2 hours.

Incorrect Parking
Move to any legal parking spot.


TIP: Anticipating heavy traffic? Opt for "Pay per kilometer"
Expecting a smooth ride? Choose "Pay per minute". Above an average speed of 24 km/h, it's more cost-effective to pay per minute!

TIP: Don't end your Poppy-ride close to another Moving task
When a "Moving" task is created, we want to move vehicles from low-demand to a high-demand areas. The end result needs to be less cars in the low-demand area. For that reason, we don't allow you to start moving tasks when a car trip was ended nearby. Try taking an e-scooter, public transport or your own foldable bike (if you have one)!

TIP: Don't immediately rebook
After completing your "Moving" task, you made sure a vehicle is located in a high-demand area (a "Hot Zone"). This is great! People in this area can now use this Poppy, thanks to you. If you book this vehicle or start driving it again, the amount of available vehicles did not increase. Because of this your task will be changed to "Not completed" and your earned credits will be removed.

Good luck!