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Pay per minute

Pay as you go ! Feel free to book your car and pay per minute (at the end of each trip).

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0,30€/min in stopover

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1€ unlock



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0,15€/min in stopover

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1€ unlock

🕺🏻 All-in price : insurance, free parking, fuel/charging and all equipment.

⚠️ 200km max per session (afterwards extra costs are added, 0,25€/km).

⚠️ Keep max 72h the same car within the same session.

⚠️ Before leaving your car, check if you are in the Poppy zone (red map in the app). Otherwise your trip won't end properly and you will continue to pay.

⚠️ Using a prepaid credit card ? It's ok if you're sure to have enough money on it before starting your trip. Otherwise we can't charge it to you & your account will be blocked.

⚠️ Poppy charges an extra fee to park at the airports of BrusselsAntwerp or Charleroi. More info here

Buy a prepaid credits pack

Discover how you can pay starting from 0,27€/min instead of €0,39/min ! 🚀 Valid for all our vehicles !

Before you fall for a pack, if you are into business and you need an invoice, check our business offers here


1️⃣ Download the new Poppy Mobility app in the app stores

2️⃣ Log in

3️⃣ Open the menu in the below left corner on your screen

4️⃣ Buy a pack directly in the app

🔥 Credits are valid for 12 months

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