World Food Day:
the importance of responsible and sustainable consumption ♻️

Today - Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - is World Food Day. An important day that aims to raise awareness of the problems of hunger in the world. 

As you know, at Poppy, we are particularly committed to environmental and local values. That’s why we wanted to mark the occasion for this world day that is close to our hearts! 💙

This year, #zerohunger is being honored for its healthy and environmentally friendly food.

Transformation of our diet 🥫

For decades, we have been observing a transformation of our diet. We are moving from a model based on seasonal consumption to a diet rich in sugar, salt and fat. We tend to cook less and less and turn to quick and easy solutions (fast food, street food, ready meals) that are not always good for our health.

Our poor eating habits lead to an increase in obesity and a surprising increase in world hunger. Eating poorly is responsible for one fifth of deaths (cardiovascular diseases, cancers, …).  

Production transformation 🚜

This new way of consuming inevitably leads to intensive or even abusive production of certain raw materials. The intensity of this production is detrimental to biodiversity and leads to significant climate change.

How to consume better? 🥦🌽

Faced with these facts, it is difficult to remain inactive. Here are some tips we give you to consume better and eat healthier:
– Pay attention to packaging when buying food
– Favours seasonal products from the short circuit
– Diversify your diet
– Ensure that fresh produce is kept fresh to avoid food waste
– Remains critical of labels and promotions
– Cook more at home and share your meals in good company  

Sharing is caring

Sharing is clearly Poppy’s core value. The shared economy is becoming a sustainable but also trendy alternative! The circular economy emphasizes sharing, the local, the sustainable, offering a real alternative to mass consumption and its abuses. Sharing is about taking care of ourselves and others.

Kriket, the partner that makes sense 🦗

It seemed obvious to us to partner with Kriket to celebrate this World Food Day by introducing you to the snack of the future. An energy bar made up of nuts, seeds, cereals and 100% Brussels grills. Kriket is unique in its cricket flour, a sustainable, high quality source of protein produced in a circular livestock farm in the heart of the Belgian capital.

Curious? Find your Kriket snack in your Poppy from today and while supplies last. Enjoy yourself and don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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