Who is liable in the event of an accident or damage? 🧐

Who has to pay for the damage if you have an accident with Poppy and how much will it cost? Don't worry, everything becomes clear here!

Sometimes it remains a bit strange to use a vehicle that is not really yours. You probably still have a lot of questions, such as: how does it work, who is behind it, but most importantly: who is liable in the event of an accident? πŸ’₯

Of course, we hope that you won’t need this article, but never say β€˜never’. In the event of a claim, you must always inform Poppy. You should do this by telephone as quickly as possible via the toll-free number 0800 626 12. πŸ“²

An accident without a third party (claim) πŸ’ˆ

It can happen that you have an accident without a third party. This is, for example, can be knocking over a pole or driving against the embroidery, causing your tire to break. Then call the number above immediately so that we can repair the vehicle. Breakdown assistance is included in your Poppy account, so you don’t have to worry about that. 😌

You are also fully insured, but you are in error. Poppy will have the vehicle repaired and as soon as this is done, we will also receive the bill. Is the cost less than the franchise cost? Then you pay the costs. Is the damage more than the franchise cost? Then you are in luck with our Omnium Insurance and you only pay the franchise, even if there is damage for (ten) thousands of euros. πŸ€

πŸ’‘ Poppy tip: you can lower the franchise cost for each type of vehicle for just one euro for each trip. The franchise for cars is 950 euros and can (for that trip) be reduced to 750 euros. The standard franchise for a scooter is 500 euros and you can lower it to 350 euros. ⬇️

Accident with a third party πŸ›£

In the event of an accident with a third party, you should always call our number 0800 626 12 as quickly as possible. But think logically. If there are any injured people, first call the emergency services on emergency number 112 and bring yourself to safety. If a third party is involved in the accident, we can divide it into two scenarios: an accident in error and an accident in which you yourself are not in error. 2️⃣

Accident in error 😟

Have you caused an accident and are you the culprit (we do not identify the culprit, an insurance expert does that)? Then we will only charge you the franchise fee. Here too you can lower the franchise for your journey so that with a car you might pay only 750 euros instead of roughly 4.365 euros. All this thanks to Poppy’s Omnium Insurance. πŸ“„

Accident without error 😨

It can also happen that someone collides with you while you were in your right. That’s a shock! But do not worry. It is therefore normal that you do not have to pay for the costs. You pay nothing at all. No damage costs, no franchise costs, nothing! πŸ₯³

Conclusion πŸ”‚

If you ever have a claim with Poppy, in any situation, with or without a third party, the maximum cost for you will be 950 euros. This can, of course, be less, for example, if the damage is less than the franchise or if you have lowered the franchise. πŸ”

Pay attention! All the above information only applies if you are in order with Poppy. For example, if you let someone else drive or lied during your registration about the number of accidents that you have already had in error, the insurance and Poppy will withdraw. You will then have to pay for everything yourself. Also not informing Poppy leads to a withdrawal of the insurance and Poppy. ❌

Do you want to know more about the insurance with Poppy? Then read our FAQ. πŸ‘€

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