What happens when you receive a fine at Poppy? 😢

Nobody likes getting fines, but unfortunately, we have to calculate this. You can read here how this works and what you can do to prevent fines.

Getting fines for something that is not your own property is very annoying. That is why we handle it with the greatest care before we pass it on to you. 📲

We are going to divide this blog into 5 general sections to optimally inform you about everything about our fines system. 👮


1. Types of fines 📝

At Poppy, we receive two types of fines. First of all, there are the administrative fines and parking fees. The amount of those fines can vary between EUR 55 and EUR 110, depending on the violation. 🚫

Also, there are fines that are issued by the police or by the judiciary. These are parking fines, speeding offences and other matters that have been noticed and fined by the police.

2. Payment of fines 💶


Administrative fines and parking fees are immediately paid by Poppy and charged to the driver involved. This way we prevent the amount from being increased. Do you think something went wrong and you were wrongly charged with a fine? Then contact us via [email protected]. We are open to re-examining unjustified fines. If it turns out that you are right, you obviously do not have to pay anything. 😄

In the case of fines issued by the police or the judicial authorities, the driver involved will be notified by us. He or she may expect an official police fine in the letterbox, along with the accompanying dispute form. You must pay those fines directly to the police. 📬

3. What if the fine is not paid? 🤔

It can happen that when a driver receives a fine, it cannot be charged immediately due to problems with his/her credit card. Then there is an outstanding amount on the driver’s account. Also, the account is temporarily suspended until the amount is paid. Users for whom the fines are immediately calculated will not be inconvenienced. 📲

Not paying a police fine does not have a direct impact on the user’s account, but the costs for ignoring such fines can be extremely high. 😰

4. Found a fine on the car? 🚗

Sometimes you find a parking fine on the car that you want to use. If this is the case, you can put the parking fine in the glove box of the car and inform us of this via [email protected]. That fine does not apply to you as a driver and will be further processed by us. ✅

5. Preventing fines 💡

A fine is quite easy to prevent. It is important to remember that when you use a Poppy car or scooter you are responsible for up to 24 hours after completing your ride. If you park it, it is, therefore, best that you take a look to see if you may still stand there after a 24-hour period. Also, make sure that you are not parked in front of garages. This is often overlooked. 👀

If you are proximate to a temporary parking ban, we will also send you an email about this (certainly check your spam box!). If you receive such an e-mail, that does not mean that you are effectively parked wrong, because our GPS is not 100 percent accurate. However, it never hurts to double check. 🅿️

Always obey the indicated speed limits. This is not only to avoid fines but also for your own safety and the people around you. ⛑

We have complete confidence in you as a driver. We assume that when you use a Poppy vehicle, you also treat it as if it were your own vehicle. Don’t do things with a Poppy that you wouldn’t do with your own vehicle. That is the best way to prevent fines! 😉

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