We are updating our terms & conditions ❣️

Poppy fleet in Brussels

With the constant arrival and departure of players, the shared mobility market is undergoing significant changes. This is why we are updating our terms & conditions.


€ 1 unlock fee on all vehicles

With a 🚗 :

  • 0,36€ / min: this price starts after unlocking your car and ends when you end the trip.
  • 0,30€ / min: this price starts when you put your vehicle in stopover

With a 🛵 :

  • 0,30€ / min: this price starts after the unlocking of the scooter and ends when you end the trip.
  • 0,15€ / min: this price starts when you put your vehicle in stopover

With a 🛴 :

  • 0,25€ /min: this price starts after the unlocking of the kickscooter and ends when you end the trip.
  • 0,15€ /min: this price starts when you put your vehicle in stopover


At Poppy, credits equal available euros you’ve got to ride with a vehicle. For example, if you have 20 credits it means you have 20 euros available to ride with a Poppy vehicle. With a 🚗 it means you have 20€/0,36€ (fee per minute) so 55min of driving time, but with a 🛵 it means you have 20€/0,30€ (fee per minute) so 66,67min of driving time.

Since we have different types of vehicles into one app with different fees per minute, we don’t talk in packs of minutes but rather in credit packages. Prepaid credits, or credit packages, allow you to buy credits in advance and at a better price.

For example, if you buy “pack 1″:

  • You will pay 32€ when in reality you will receive the value of 36€ credits, because your price per minute decreased.
  • It means for 32€ you get 100 min of driving time

When you buy a pack, you pay less per minute at purchase.

Watch our new video here to discover how to buy a credits pack

Discover all the packs available for you, here


Your vehicle on stopover means on pause : it starts when you park your vehicle and leave it, but you wish to keep it on your account. When you put your trip on stopover, you are sure nobody else can take your vehicle. This vehicle is thus reserved for you at a more advantageous price per minute than when you drive.


The fuel, insurance, maintenance, driven kilometers (200 free kilometers per trip*) and several public parkings in our homezone are included, as well as parking in the streets of our homezone.

⚠️ *200 km included in every trip. Starting from 200 km, you pay 0,25€ per extra kilometer.

⛽️ Need to refuel your car ? From now on, you can refuel yourself with the tank card you’ll find in the glove department. Plus, you will receive extra credits by helping us. All info 👉🏼 here

⌛ 90€ / 24h in one session. Max 200km included in each session. Make sure to keep the same vehicle during this session. You can of course put the vehicle on stop over if needed. This 24h tarif is calculated on a period starting the minute you start your reservation and lasts for 24h, letting you use the same vehicle for a followed 24h period of time at a fixed price of 90€.

We guarantee the lowest price: you always pay the lowest price which applies automatically to the daily trip if this one if cheaper. Our per-minute rate is also rounded down.

Besides updating our terms & conditions, we would like to hear more from you. Anything you’d like to suggest/comment ? 👉🏼 here