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Belgium is full of attractions. We have already listed the cities in another blog, hence this blog about some fun activities that are less than an hour from Antwerp. With a Poppy car you can easily go to all these places without having to pay a huge amount for a taxi and without having to wait for hours on public transport.

Bobbejaanland 🎢

The adventurous and fun amusement park Bobbejaanland in Lichtaart is the perfect destination to visit with friends and family! At the Diamond Theme Park Awards 2017, Bobbejaanland was awarded no fewer than three awards by the professional jury.

The Sledge Hammer, an attraction that whirls the passengers up to a dazzling height of 42 meters, was once again awarded the ‘Most Spectacular Attraction’ prize. You can also visit the ‘Best Halloween Party’ in Bobbejaanland, just like the ‘Best Shows & Entertainment’. In just 45 minutes from Antwerp you’re in ‘the Most Fun Land’!

Carré 🥳

Want an unforgettable night? Less than half an hour’s drive from Antwerp you can visit Carré, a discotheque in Willebroek. Many famous Belgians blend in with the common people in Carré to give the best of themselves on the dance floor. It is one of the best known discotheques in Belgium and is within reach with a Poppy. But, don’t drink and drive!

Technopolis 🖲

Finally, there is also an ideal destination you can visit with a Poppy car for all the science lovers out there. In Mechelen, 25 minutes from Antwerp, you will find the ‘do-centre’ Technopolis.

You can experiment and discover science at more than 350 permanent interactive exhibits. In addition to those permanent experiences, there are often science shows and there is an annual theme exhibition. A few world records have also been broken in Technopolis, such as the ‘Highest Elephant Toothpaste Fountain.

Do you want to discover Antwerp itself? Easy peasy, but with a Poppy scooter. Do you have to travel a greater distance? Then take a car. In Antwerp, you can park completely free in public and you can therefore can make a stopover wherever you want.

Feel like going out? Then download the Poppy app.

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