What do I have to pay attention to at the end of my trip? 👀

These points require particular care when you end a trip with Poppy.

  • Are all the windows closed ?
  • Are all the lights off ? * 💡
  • Did I forget any of my personal belonging in the car ? (Poppy is not responsible for the loss or a stolen personal belonging).
  • Is the inside of the car clean ? (Don’t leave any trash !)
  • Is the gearshift is the P position ?
  • Is the engine turned off ?
  • Are there any damages to the vehicle ? If so, make us know by phone at the following number +32 3 283 62 62 or by e-mail at [email protected]. 📞📧
  • Is there car closed ? 🔑

*If the outside lamps are switched on automatic, then they will only turn off when you end the trip via the app and that the car is locked. The lamps are still not turning off ? Book the car again and turn the lights off by turning the switch on the back left / under the steering wheel to the automatic or off position. 💡

The inside lights are still on once the trip is over ? Then you have to turn them off manually by pushing on the button on the ceiling of the car.

Parkeren in Antwerpen: man loopt weg bij een Rode Volkswagen e-Golf van Poppy.

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