What are the specificities of the SEAT IBIZA?

Everything I need to know about the SEAT Ibiza...

The SEAT Ibiza is a CNG model with two tanks: half petrol – half CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). A suitable model for inter-city travel between Brussels and Antwerp. Ideal for longer trips!

In your IBIZA, you’ll find a phone holder, a screen with CarPlay option, Bluetooth, a cable to charge your phone.

🤖 CNG model
🕹 Manual gearbox
🛣 350 km range
🚗 275 cars – model SEAT IBIZA


How do I start the Seat Ibiza? 🔛

In order to turn on the engine you should:

  • Set your gear to neutral
  • Hold the clutch pedal and the brake pedal pressed
  • Click on the “Start Engine”- button


How do I use the reverse gear on the Ibiza? 🕹

To reverse, you must press the gear lever and push the lever to the left and up. If you don’t push the lever, you’ll be in first gear instead of the reverse gear. The reverse gear is located at the top left of the lever:


Do the Seat Ibiza’s have parking sensors? 🚨

Yes, front & back 👊

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