I have a new credit card 💳

How can I link a new credit card to my account?

Do you have a new credit card? Then you can update your profile yourself by tapping on ‘’My account’’ in the drop-down menu at the top left of the app, then by selecting the pen. Next, drag the screen until you’re at the bottom and tap on ‘’Modify’’ in the ‘’Payment details ‘’ section. You can securely link your new credit card. 📲

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The new Poppy fleet soon in your street 🆕

Good news, Poppy's fleet is growing. 4 new models are coming soon... 

Poppy is mobilizing for you

Because of the confinement due to the COVID-19, we are launching initiatives aimed at startups and health professionals. Poppy represents 350 eco-responsible cars 🚗, 400 scooters 🛵 and kick scooters 🛴, shared on the zones of Brussels and Antwerp. Choice...