How to drive in a car that has an automatic gearbox? 🚗

How does an automatic transmission car work ?

At first glance, driving an automatic transmission can seem complicated, but once you get it, it’s very practical! 🙌🏻

Push on the brake and keep the lever of the gear stick pushed when you change position. Careful! Only use your right foot: when you drive, brake, and change position. Only change positions when the vehicle is stopped. 🚗

  • P = Parking: put on P when the car is parked. *
  • R = Reverse: to go back.
  • N = neutral : don’t use.
  • D = Drive: to go forward.
  • (B = Battery: only for the e-Golf to brake actively and charge the battery).

*Always put the lever on ‘’P’’ after your trip and end your trip. If you don’t, the doors won’t lock.

In this little video, you can see what the different positions of the gear stick are for. 🎬

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