Can I park in an Interparking? 🅿️

Yes, you can park for free in the Interparkings mentioned above. You will find the parking card (P-card) in the glove box.

You have free access to some Interparking (see the entire list below). There are little 🅿️ in the app.
To enter in those parking, you have to use the P-Card located in the glove box or in the left door (depending the vehicle).

How do you get to an Interparking?

  • You always have to scan the card, whether it’s at the entrance or the exit. Even if you want to end your trip, you still have to use the Interparking card.
  • The card is only valid for the Interparking mentioned here below.
  • Parking there is entirely free if you use the parking card. We will not refund the tickets that you take from the Interparking.
  • You have to park the car in the yellow reserved spots for car sharing.


🅿️ Antwerp
📍Interparking Meir: carsharing zone level 1

🅿️ Brussels
📍 Interparking Botanique: carsharing zone level 0
📍 Interparking Grand Place: carsharing zone level -1
📍 Interparking 2 Portes: carsharing zone level -1
📍 Interparking Stéphanie-Louise: carsharing zone level -1
📍 Interparking Woluwe Shopping Center: carsharing zone level 0 (outside)
📍 Interparking Stockel Square: carsharing zone level 0 (outside)
📍Interparking Monnaie: carsharing zone level -3 

⚠️ Don’t park underground if it’s not in an authorized Interparking. Underground, the network is very weak or even non-existent. Therefore, you cannot end your journey and the car will be immobilized. If we have to move the car, this may incur costs.

Two Poppy's in Brussels Airport
From now on, you can also use a Poppy to get to Brussels Airport.
Jouw Poppy, jouw vrijheid
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The new Poppy fleet soon in your street 🆕

Good news, Poppy's fleet is growing. 4 new models are coming soon... 

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Because of the confinement due to the COVID-19, we are launching initiatives aimed at startups and health professionals. Poppy represents 350 eco-responsible cars 🚗, 400 scooters 🛵 and kick scooters 🛴, shared on the zones of Brussels and Antwerp. Choice...