Can I go to the airport with Poppy? ✈️

In which airports can I go/leave with a Poppy car?

Poppy is available in several airports:

  • Brussels Airport (Zaventem) – discover how to go/leave ➡️ here
  • Antwerp Airport (Deurne) – discover how to go/leave ➡️ here
  • Charleroi Airport (Brussels South) – discover how to go/leave ➡️ here


🛫You can use a Poppy car to get to these airports and end your trip on the reserved spots for car sharing.

🛬 You can also use a Poppy car from these airports to join the Poppy zones.


Poppy charges an extra fee for airport parking, find out the rates here.

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Poppy is mobilizing for you

Because of the confinement due to the COVID-19, we are launching initiatives aimed at startups and health professionals. Poppy represents 350 eco-responsible cars 🚗, 400 scooters 🛵 and kick scooters 🛴, shared on the zones of Brussels and Antwerp. Choice...

Drive to Charleroi Airport with Poppy 🛩

You can now take a Poppy SEAT Ibiza to Charleroi Airport 🚗