This is how you drive a Poppy scooter πŸ›΅

Poppy has scooters! The concept is the same as that of our cars, but with scooters. You can read here exactly how to ride a scooter.

We have great news for you! 🀩 From now on with your Poppy account, you can not only reserve cars, but also scooters! πŸ›΅

The concept is the same as that of the Poppy cars: open the app and look for the nearest Poppy scooter. You can use the filter button at the top right of the app. After you’ve booked the scooter, it’s time to start your first adventure. πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Poppy-app with scooter
Open the scooter – just like a car – with the app.

1. Starting the scooter πŸ›΅

First of all, open the scooter with the app. Report any damage on the scooter via the app or confirm that there is no damage and choose whether you want to lower the franchise. Ready? Then the dashboard will light up and you can open the trunk. The scooter is now ready for departure, but not you are not. 😳

Woman takes a helmet out of a Poppy scooter
Take a helmet out of the trunk and close it again afterwards!

2. Wear the Poppy helmet β›‘

When the scooter is started, you can also open the trunk. You can do this by pressing the silver button that you will find on the rear right of the trunk. In it, you will find two helmets: size M and size XL and a bag with hair nets for hygiene. Choose the helmet that fits you best. Put on the helmet and click the chin straps tightly. You release the helmet after your ride by pulling the red lever open. πŸ”»

Close up of the chin straps of a Poppy helmet
Click the chin straps of the helmet tightly. Do you want to release it again? Then you pull the red lever downwards so that it is released.


Before you get on the scooter, close the trunk by pressing on it until you hear a click. Feel if you can still open the trunk afterwards. Is this not possible? Then it is closed. You can open it again and again by pushing the silver button. πŸ₯ˆ

3. Departure πŸ’¨

Before you can ride the scooter you must first remove it from the stand. You do this by putting one hand on the handlebars and the other hand on the black handle that you find on the side of the scooter (at the height of the seat). Give the scooter a firm push forward (to your side) and it will come off the stand. Doesn’t work? Then you can also stand over the scooter and push it forward while holding the handlebars. πŸ’ͺ

Woman holding a Poppy scooter
Take the scooter by the handlebars and the handle to put it on the stand and to take it off again.


Go sit comfortably on the scooter, place one foot on the centrepiece and lean on the floor with the other foot as long as you stand still. Check if your mirrors are properly adjusted and you’re good to go! πŸ‘€

You can depart by turning the right handle of the handlebars towards you. Once you have left, place your other foot on the centrepiece and you are gone! The brake on your right is the front brake and the brake on the left is your rear brake. 🚦

Woman driving a Poppy scooter
As soon as you depart, put your second foot on the scooter and off you go!


Are you going to turn or change lanes? Then use the indicator at the left handlebar of the handlebars. Push the button to the left to pinch left and right for the other side. You turn the indicator off again by pushing the button. ↔

Below the indicator, you will also find the horn, which you can only use in an emergency. πŸ”Š

Dashboard of a Poppy scooter
The indicator is located at the handlebar on the left. The left brake is the rear brake and the right brake is the front brake. On the dashboard, you can see how fast you are driving and how many kilometres you can still travel with the scooter.


4. FinishΒ πŸ“²

Finally, if you have parked your scooter properly (read our FAQ!), You must put it back on the stand. This can seem like a tough job, especially for the first time. Take the scooter by the handlebar and the seat again. Push the stand down with your foot. πŸ‘Š

Now you have to put your entire weight on the stand, while you lift the scooter with both arms and pull it a little to the side. Once the scooter is upright, open the trunk and put your helmet back. Close the trunk again and end your session with the app. Done! πŸ“²

5. TipsΒ πŸ’‘

  • The scooter is quite heavy, therefore, keep your balance, both on and off the scooter. Also, make sure that you do not tilt the scooter too much when getting off the scooter, here too the weight could cause you to fall. ❗
  • Always use the handy handles that you will find on the side of the scooter, also use it to put the scooter back on its stand. βœ‹
  • Be sure to read our FAQ before you start if you are not used to riding a scooter. πŸ€“
  • We have already prepared the perfect scooter ride through Antwerp for you. πŸ‘€

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