These 5 technologies are the future of driving 🔮

Life in the automotive landscape never stands still. The big car manufacturers are constantly renewing their cars to make better and more advanced cars. That leads to a lot of new technical gadgets.

At the Autosalon, car manufacturers always promoting their newest and best cars. Their showpieces often contain the latest technologies. These five are the future of driving.

Future of driving

1. Semi-autonomous driving 🚗

The race for the first self-driving cars has started. That, of course, goes step by step. This is why the Volkswagen group, among others, is already launching cars in the right direction. They are equipped with self-driving functions such as ‘traffic jam assistance’ which controls both the steering wheel, the accelerator pedal and the brakes in traffic jams.

When the first fully autonomous cars will come on the market, is not yet clear, but the coming years look promising!

2. Remote control parking 🎚

Some cars could already park themselves completely, but for that, you had to stay in the car. Now, it is also possible to do this remotely. While you are standing next to the car, you can park the car with your smartphone. Another step closer to autonomous driving.

3. Laser lights 💡

On the road, you sometimes see different colours of car lights. The light technology has evolved considerably. Xenon lights followed up the halogen lights and these xenon headlights evolved further to LED lights.

Manufacturers such as Audi now use laser technology that illuminates the road in front of the car with the same power as the sun’s daylight. Driving into dark streets at night will, therefore, become a lot safer and more enjoyable.

A GIF of someone opening a Poppy car with the Poppy app
Car keys will become a thing of the past. With Poppy, you can already open your car via your smartphone.


4. Wrist strap as key 🔑

Car keys are so 2018! There are already wristbands that sporty types can wear to open and close their car. The wristband is waterproof and can be charged in the car.

This brings a lot of possibilities: you can turn various accessories into car keys: chains, smartphones (such as with Poppy, the future of driving), clothing, smartwatches… How does a thief know what to steal to get your car open now?

5. Induction charging for smartphones 📲

Talking about charging in the car. Built-in GPS’s and TomTom’s are hardly used to get to your destination. Nowadays almost everyone uses their smartphone to navigate. Unfortunately, apps like Waze consume a lot of battery. Mobile phone holders and chargers already exist for this, but the car giants now come with inductive charging hub.

Put your smartphone on the inductive charging hub and it will charge wirelessly. That way you’ll never run out of power on the way again. In the current Poppy’s, we still work with mobile phone holders and chargers so that you can always charge your smartphone.

Which technology would you like to see in the next Poppy’s? Let us know via a chat message! Prepare yourself for the future of driving by downloading the Poppy app.

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