The perfect scooter ride through Antwerp 😌

From terraces in Het Zuid to shopping in the Meir. We already planned a super cool scooter ride for you.

With a Poppy scooter, you can outsmart the traffic and move effortlessly through the beautiful neighbourhoods of Antwerp. 🛵💨

To be able to cope with it all day, you’ll need quite a bit of energy. Antwerp is overflowing with trendy coffee bars. ☕️ A good first stop is Groenplaats, here you have a huge selection of coffee bars.


Now that your batteries (and those of the scooter 🔋) are fully charged, it is time to start using them. How about a pleasant or romantic walk along the Schelde. Linkeroever is the ideal place for this. Thanks to the hiking trails you can walk past a very large part of the Schelde. 🏞

With the Poppy scooter, you can reach Linkeroever through two tunnels. You can take the scooter by hand through the Sint-Anna tunnel (pedestrian tunnel) or walk slowly through the bicycle tunnel of the Kennedy tunnel. This bicycle tunnel has an entrance at Beatrijslaan in Linkeroever and on the right bank of D’Herbouvillekaai. 🌉

People with Poppy scooters at Stadspark in Anwerp.
Park your scooter in one of the many entrances of the Stadspark and enjoy a relaxing walk.


Would you prefer to stay in the city for a nice walk? Then you can go to the Stadspark with your scooter. You are not allowed to enter the park with your scooter, so first park it at one of the many entrances and start your relaxing walk. 🚶🚶


After a long walk, it’s time to have a bite. In Het Zuid, you can go for a nice lunch. Not only can you have a nice lunch here, but you also get the chance to explore the trendy neighbourhoods of Het Zuid with your scooter. 🔍

Park your scooter at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and get carried away in the many streets of Het Zuid or get a drink on a terrace. 🏛

Enough admiring the beauty of the city, we’re going shopping! Quickly return to your scooter and head towards the Meir, the well-known shopping street of Antwerp. You are not allowed at the Meir with the scooter, so park it correctly in one of the many side streets. You can spend hours in stores like Sting, Jack & Jones, Zara and Shopping Stadsfeestzaal. 🛍

A Poppy scooter drving past a Poppy car
A little too cold? Then you can easily switch to a Poppy car with seat heating.


For a perfect end of the day, you can go to the cinema with your friends. Meet your friends at Kinepolis Antwerp. Thanks to your Poppy scooter you will be there in no time. Hungry? Along the cinema halls, you can still find enough restaurants and a Burger King. 🍽

Scooter or car

After the movie, you can choose to go back with the Poppy scooter or, if it has become a little too cold, go home with the Poppy car with comfortable seat heating. There are certainly enough available there. 🚗 🛵

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WORLD FIRST | Poppy launches kickscooters in Antwerp 🛴

Next to cars and scooters, you can now also use Poppy kickscooters in Antwerp. Therefore Poppy is the first free-floating platform in the world that offers sharing cars, sharing scooters and sharing kickscooters in one platform.