Poppy launches Spotify playlists 🔊

Let's open the door of the car and turn the music on! That's what many people think when they get into their cars. Poppy created Spotify playlists especially for you, the ones excited to get into their cars to listen to their favorite music. Discover the playlists here!

Driving a car and listening to music are like twins. All of our cars can be connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and our Volkswagen e-Golfs are even equipped with Apple CarPlay! This is why Poppy has created a few Spotify playlists to make your ride even more enjoyable. 😌

Party O'Clock

1. Party O’Clock 🎉

In Antwerp, there are a lot of things you can do: shopping, eating, sightseeing, but there are also great good parties. That’s why we created the playlist ‘Party O’Clock’ for you, because who doesn’t like a party now and then? 😉 ’Party O’Clock’ is meant to get you in the mood on the way to the party or just whenever you want to party on your own (we don’t judge!).

⚠ Please note: obviously you are not allowed to drink while you drive. So give the steering wheel to a designated driver and treat him with a non-alcoholic drink or grab a cab on the way back. Don’t drink & drive! 🚫


2. Citytrip 🏙

Do you like going on a citytrip? Then you also know the importance of good music on the road. Sing-alongs, classics, music to keep you awake… You will find it all on this list! Spending hours in the car can sometimes be annoying, but it’s great when you’re having fun. That’s why we made this playlist to listen to in the car during your roadtrip or citytrip. 🚗💨

Staff's Favourites

3. Staff’s Favourites 💃🏻

Here at Poppy we’re also real music lovers. With this playlist filled with our top songs, you can get to know us better on a musical level. Beware: there are some special songs on the list! ⚡

Summer Vibes

4. Summer Vibes 😎

Summer equals music! ‘Summer Vibes’ is the perfect tracklist to conquer the warm summer heat. Put your sunglasses on, let the music play and you’re ready for the summer! 🕶 This playlist is meant to relax because you deserve it! You work extremely hard all year long and you should be rewarded with good music in the sunshine! 😊

To The Gym

5. To The Gym 💪🏻

Do you like to exercise, but do you occasionally need some extra motivation? Then this playlist is ideal for you. 👊 At Poppy, we don’t just think about the environment, but also about your health. This is why we decided to make a list to motivate you on the way to or during your exercise. This list contains somewhat harder, more up-tempo music to ensure that you can give 100 percent. Prepare your body for the summer in collaboration with this list. Summer body, where you at? 🏋🏻

Do you want to jump into your car and listen to these playlists? Then download the app right now and enjoy the ride. 🚗⬇️

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