E-scooters in Brussels 🛴


Poppy Mobility, the 100% Belgian shared mobility start-up, is celebrating another important step in its development by launching its new E-scooter service in Brussels. No less than 1500 E-scooters will join the Poppy fleet in the coming days.

In 4 years, Poppy has built up a fleet of eco-responsible shared vehicles including more than 1000 cars and 2000 shared E-scooters in the cities of Brussels, Ghent, Mechelen and Antwerp as well as in 3 airports: Zaventem, Antwerp and Brussels South Charleroi. The freedom to move 24/7, at an ultra competitive all-inclusive price and in an ever-expanding zone, that's what Poppy is all about.


Until now, the Poppy community has only been able to enjoy the kick scooters in the city of Antwerp, but now the service is available in Brussels.

Choose a car, a kick scooter or both and move freely with Poppy. With the arrival of 1500 new kick scooters, Poppy focuses on multi-modality and is now the only app in Brussels offering 2 modes of transportation with radically different uses. Vans have also been added to the fleet, allowing users to use the service even when they need to transport heavier or bulky items. These are available in the Antwerp zone for the moment but are coming to Brussels very soon.

This expansion to different types of vehicles in one app will help users reach Poppy cars using smaller vehicles. This is already the case with more than 5000 of their users in Antwerp, using cars but also kick scooters for their trips. Poppy wants to push for the complementarity of vehicles to get from point A to point B.


Some figures:

  1. 96% of the time we don't use our personal car
  2. A shared car can free up to 7 parking spaces
  3. 1/3 of urban space is used for parking

With a growing fleet of vehicles, Poppy is a real alternative to the personal car.

From the various surveys and studies conducted at Poppy in 2022, it appears that more and more 18-25 years old are signing up and turning to soft mobility. As E-scooters are used by this age group in particular, they are a way for young people to avoid owning a personal vehicle and thus turn to multi-modality. With this new offer, Poppy contributes to the change of mentalities in the long term.

The city of Brussels and the major players in shared mobility are offering the possibility for residents to move around the city on a daily basis without owning a personal vehicle. Turning to soft mobility could allow a reduction in the number of cars parked on the streets but also on the roads.


Discover the Poppy passes of 2 or 10 E-scooter trips, allowing you to ride for 0,03€/min. Easy to use and very maneuverable, the new E-scooters will allow you to move quickly in the capital. The perfect vehicle for short distances, but be careful on the road.

Poppy strongly encourages you to be as careful as possible and to respect the basic safety rules when you ride. Remain attentive and focused throughout your journey, respect the rules of the road and ensure that the following conditions of use are applied:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Only one person per E-scooter
  • Do not ride on sidewalks
  • Do not ride on crosswalks
  • Ride on the road
  • Do not park the E-scooter in the middle of the sidewalk


Poppy gives you the freedom to choose the mobility solution best suited to your needs on every trip. Access more than 2750 shared vehicles through your app, which is your key, and drive around Belgium. Pay only when you use the service and this price is all inclusive. The plus? Works with Bancontact.