Poppy is now one complete mobility app 📲

The carsharing platform Poppy has evolved to a complete mobility app. Now you’re not only able to share cars, but also electric scooters and electric kick scooters through the same app.

Only two months after launching the first phase of kick scooters in Antwerp, Poppy now offers cars, scooters, and kick scooters in both Antwerp and Brussels. Let’s have a look at everything that will change for you.

Let’s talk about pricing. It’s clear and transparent for all of our vehicle types.


🚗 Cars: 0,33 euros/minute to drive
🛵 Scooters: 0,25 euros/minute to drive
🛴 Kick scooters: 1 euro to start and then 0,15 euros/minute to drive
Stopover: You can perform a stopover with cars and scooters for 0,10 euros/minute

Number of vehicles

You’re probably curious about the number of available vehicles as well. You can now choose between some 1.000 vehicles: 300 cars, 300 scooters, and 400 kick scooters are divided between both cities.


The homezones for each type of vehicle differ from each other.

These are the Poppy zones.


The homezone for the cars and the scooters are the same (red). You can find them in the picture above. With cars, you can drive outside of the homezone, but with a scooter, you need to stay in the zone.

The homezone for kick scooters is slightly smaller (blue), so we can serve you in a smart way in the dense city center. Just like with the scooters, you need to stay inside of the Poppy zone with a kick scooter as well.

Scooter improvement

Poppy already had scooters in Antwerp, but they will now be replaced with other scooters. The new scooters come with a cool feature you all massively asked for: it’s a two-seater! So, you are allowed to drive the scooter with two persons. Of course, the driver has to be the Poppy account holder.

Two persons on a Poppy scooter
It’s a two-seater!


Normally, all of the Belgian driver’s licenses give you permission to drive with a scooter. You can check this if there’s a date or a stamp linked to the A or AM section on your license.

For the kick scooters, you don’t need to have a driver’s license. You only need to be 18+ and have a credit card (or borrow someone else’s card).

If you’d like to know how you can drive with any of these vehicles, head over to our FAQ section for cars, scooters or kick scooters.

Do you want to try any of these vehicles? Then download the Poppy app by clicking the icon of your store. ⬇️

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