Poppy introduces new safety measures 🚗

Poppy is a huge success! At times, unfortunately, some people drive irresponsibly and dangerously with our cars. To counter this, we have introduced a number of new safety measures. This way we build a better and safer city together.

Poppy is a big success. After two and a half months, we have already welcomed 12,000 registered users on the platform.

Various customers tell us that they were able to sell their second family car, and sometimes even their only car, thanks to the arrival of Poppy. This is our intention: to create a new mobility platform and to contribute to a better and cleaner city. I want to thank our customers, the Poppy community, in advance for making Poppy a success.

Unfortunately, there’s a backside of the medal too. Occasionally some people drive irresponsibly and dangerously with our cars. We deeply regret that some people feel the need to abuse the Poppy service and thus also affect the real Poppy customers. This is absolutely unacceptable and we will continue to work hard to make the platform safe for everyone.

The Poppy team is working on a daily basis to improve the platform and to serve our customers even more in their mobility needs. We want to continue doing this. However, we are applying the following measures to prevent abuse:

  • Telematics. All of our cars are equipped with telematics via the built-in GPS system. This means we know who is driving which car, which location and this at any time. We can also check the speed in real time. We will proactively use this data to detect and combat abuse and irresponsible driving behaviour with the Poppy cars.
  • Driver’s license for at least 24 months. The threshold for registration is raised. The minimum number of months that you must possess a driver’s license before you can drive with Poppy has been increased from 6 months to 24 months. This applies to every new user from 9/4/2018 on. Current Poppy users who have their driver’s license for less than 24 months may continue to use the service.
  • Reserve a car for 3 days max: A reservation for one car can last for a maximum of 72 hours. This means that you can use the same car continuously for a maximum of 72 hours. You need to end your trip with a Poppy car before you exceed 72 hours of usage.
  • No going abroad. You are not allowed to drive abroad with a Poppy. Poppy can only be used in Belgium.
  • No prepaid credit cards. Prepaid credit cards are no longer be accepted as payment method. We recommend that those of you whom use a prepaid credit card switch to a regular credit card as quickly as possible. For more information about this, you can always contact your local bank.
  • Increased damage excess. The damage excess is being increased from € 750 to € 950. The damage excess can be reduced per trip to € 750 by paying € 1 up front.
  • Cooperation with the police. We continue to work intensively with the police to track down people who abuse the platform.

These new measures are effective from 9/4/18. Refusing to comply with these conditions can lead to fines up to € 250 and the permanent suspension of the user’s account. We do not want to affect our loyal customers in any way with these new rules, but we consider these measures necessary to continue to guarantee traffic safety and to be able to roll out Poppy further in Antwerp.

From the start, the unified Antwerp community has been one of the strengths of Poppy. Let’s build together towards shared, green and, above all, safe mobility in Antwerp. If you notice irresponsible driving behavior or abuse, you can always inform us by mail at [email protected], stating the license plate, location and time. We always act upon these cases immediately.

Let’s join forces for a safe and clean city. Go Poppy!

CEO Poppy

By the way: be careful on the road (for real!)

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