Poppy expands to Brussels 🇧🇪

One year and three months after the launch in Antwerp, Poppy will now expand its activities to Brussels. This is what changes for you.

Poppy has bought out carsharing service Zipcar in Brussels. That way, we can use the knowledge of the carsharing landscape in Brussels to provide you with an even better service. Now what changes brings the expansion?

Of course, the most important change is that from now on, you can also use Poppy in Brussels. Everything in Brussels will be the same as in Antwerp: you book, lock and unlock a car with the app, you pay per minute and you park your car for free on one of the public parking spots within the Brussels’ homezone.

Intercity traffic

Initially, you’ll be able to drive from Antwerp to Brussels (and the other way around) and end your session without an additional fee. This is a test project. If we notice that too many cars are left behind in a certain zone, we will be compelled to changing that rule.

Homezone of Brussels

De homezone van Brussel.
The red parts form the Poppy zone in Brussels.


The homezone of Brussels is a slightly edited homezone of Zipcar. On the above image you can see the zone that will initially be used from today on. Unfortunately, the airport parking of Brussels Airport will not be ready in time for the transition, so it will not be added to the zone. We will, however, do everything we can to add this to our service as soon as possible. Please keep an eye out on our social media pages and our newsletter to notice changes surrounding the airport parking.

Number of cars

In Brussels, you can use 100 Poppy cars. It will be your trusted Volkswagen e-Golf and Audi A3 g-tron that will be divided in the capital with a 50/50 ratio. Since the 100 cars will be coming from Antwerp, the number of cars there will also decrease.

Henceforth you’ll be able to use some 200 cars in Antwerp. We will then add other vehicles previous to decreasing our car fleet to 100 cars. By adding other vehicles to our fleet, the Antwerp fleet will be bigger than ever before!

Maximal trip duration

Another change is the maximal trip duration when starting from Brussels. In Antwerp, you can rent the same car for 72 consecutive hours. In Brussels, you’ll need to end your sessions within 24 hours. Only during school holidays, you can the maximal trip duration may not exceed 72 hours when taking a car from Brussels.

Een Poppy-wagen in Brussel.
At the moment, you can take your Poppy car from one homezone to another, without an additional fee.



In Brussels, there are several Interparkings where you can park for free with your Poppy car. In these Interparkings, you have to park your car on a parking spot set aside especially for carsharing.

You can find the corresponding Interparkings in the Poppy-app and in the parkings it’s clearly indicated where you can find these parking spots. Only in Interparking Rogier it’s hard to find. There you can find the special spots for carsharing on level -3. In every Interparking there will be a connection for you to open and lock your car.


Our pricing will remain the same. You’ll hire a car for 0,33 euros per minute and make a stopover for 0,10 euros per minute. The price for a day of 90 euros and the payment method of regular credit cards will also remain unchanged.

Do you still have questions? Chat, mail or call us and we’ll be happy to help you out! Download the Poppy app now so you can easily travel to Brussels. 📲

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