Parking in Antwerp:
Here you are likely to find parking space 🅿️

Parking in Antwerp can often be frustrating. That is why we went looking for the places where you can leave your Poppy car the easiest.

One of the advantages of Poppy is that you can park your car for free in the entire home zone of Antwerp. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find a place in the heart of Antwerp. We have prepared a list of places where you can (almost) always park your Poppy car. ✌ 

1. Gedempte Zuiderdokken (GPS: Vlaamse Kaai / Waalse Kaai)

One of the largest public car parks in Antwerp can be found in Het Zuid. The Gedempte Zuiderdokken are surrounded by the Vlaamse Kaai and Waalse Kaai and have about 1930 places available. Not only do you have a lot of space to park here, but you are also in the middle of Het Zuid. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the Scheldekaai and various catering establishments are within walking distance of where you are parked.🚶

💡 Poppy tip: the places on the outside of the Gedempte Zuiderdokken are sometimes charged for non-Poppy cars. Here you are usually more likely to leave your car for free! 😉

2. Nationalestraat

The Nationalestraat is located between Groenplaats and Het Zuid, a long street full of shops. 🛍 Parking in the Nationalestraat during the day is not the best option. But there are many side streets connected to the main street. Here you can quickly find a free parking space.

Still no place in the side street? No problem, you will be right back in Nationalestraat and you can take another look at another side street. Later in the evening, the chance is much greater that you can park in the Nationalestraat itself. 🌙 Once you are parked, you are close to the centre of Antwerp.

3. Interparking Meir (GPS: Eiermarkt 33/35)

You can also park for free in Interparking Meir, so you are immediately in the heart of Antwerp, at the foot of the famous Meir shopping street. You can park your Poppy car in the indicated places. More information about how to park for free at Interparking Meir can be found here. ⬅️

Interparking Meir
You can park for free at Interparking Meir at the reserved places for car sharing. 🚗


4. Scheldekaaien (GPS: Cockerillkaai / Sint-Michielskaai / Jordaenskaai)

You will find various public car parks on the Scheldekaaien. Some of those car parks are currently being renovated, so enjoy it while you still can. 🚧

The parking at Cockerillkaai / Sint-Michielskaai (with entrance and exit at the Scheldestraat) has therefore been moved to an extensive parking with a ramp at the Fortuinstraat. This new parking will have 1,000 parking spaces. If you need to travel further north in Antwerp, then park at the Jordaenskaai or Orteliuskaai, close to the Museum aan de Stroom (MAS).

5. The streets around Het Eilandje (GPS: Brouwersvliet / Oudeleeuwenrui)

Parking at Het Eilandje is not always easy. There is a lot of one-way traffic, so it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through the streets. 🤔 The best chance of parking is around the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom). There are a few parking places near the Napoleonkaai.

Man walking away from red Poppy car
A few parking spaces are provided around the MAS at the Napoleonkaai.


There are also often free parking places on the side streets, but if you a little more towards Schipperskwartier you’ll have a better chance of finding parking space. You will certainly find a free parking space at the Brouwersvliet, which flows into the Oudeeleeuwenrui (south of the unique setting of Felix Pakhuis)! 👊

In Het Eilandje you will also find the Rijnkaai parking lot. We would like to remind you that Poppy cars cannot park for free on that parking. So avoid the Rijnkaai parking lot.

6. Brand new P&R at the Palace of Justice (GPS: Singel)

The brand-new example of architecture of the new Palace of Justice and opposite the – also with great architectural work provided – Karel de Grote Hogeschool (KdG) is the location of a brand-new Park & Ride at the Singel. You can leave your Poppy car there for free and go via the Brederodestraat into the city by foot, by bike, with a Poppy scooter or with public transport.

7. Parking Pidpa (GPS: Desguinlei)

Finally, a few hundred metres further you will also find a big parking lot at the Desguinlei at the Pidpa and Centre for Adult Education (CVO) PIVA. Here too you can easily leave your vehicle.

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