The new Poppy fleet soon in your street 🆕

Good news, Poppy's fleet is growing. 4 new models are coming soon... 

Models 2️⃣ and 3️⃣

The second and third models are now known. The SEAT Mii and the OPEL Corsa.

OPEL Corsa

This vehicle runs on petrol but has an eco score of 75*. The higher the score, the more environmentally friendly the vehicle is, taking into account criteria such as the greenhouse effect, air quality and noise pollution. 

This car will be equipped with a petrol card to be completely independent during your journeys. It is therefore ideal for long distances. The perfect car to drive in Brussels!

⛽️ Petrol model  

🕹 Automatic gearbox 

🛣 550 km range 

🚗 125 cars – model OPEL CORSA


*The score is on a scale of 0 to 100


A 100% electric car ⚡️ that you will find in the streets of Antwerp. Ideal for short city trips such as shopping, drinking coffee with friends or going to work. 

⚡️ Electric model  

🕹 Automatic transmission  

🛣 265 km range 

🚗 50 cars – model SEAT Mii 

User guide SEAT Mii

To start the SEAT Mii you need:

  • Take the key out of the glove compartment
  • Put the key in the car’s ignition
  • Press the brake and turn the key upwards
  • Remove gear “P” (for parking)

To then turn off the SEAT Mii, simply:

  • Press and hold the brake
  • Set gear into “P” (for parking)
  • Turn the key down
  • Put the key back in its place ⚠️(otherwise, it won’t be possible to lock the car from within the application)


SEAT Ibiza

This car is a CNG model with two tanks: half petrol – half CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). A suitable model for inter-city travel between Brussels and Antwerp. Ideal for longer trips! 

In your IBIZA, you’ll find a phone holder, a screen with CarPlay option, Bluetooth, a cable to charge your phone. 

🤖 CNG model
🕹 Manual gearbox
🛣 350 km range
🚗 275 cars – model SEAT IBIZA 

Come and test our new model, available very soon in your app. 📲
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🔜 Model 4️⃣
Discover soon our new model… ⏳

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