How to charge a Volkswagen e-Golf? ⚡️

The e-Golf is a fully electric car. You don’t charge it like a gasoline or diesel car in a gas station, but by charging it at a charging station. How it works? You can see and read it here!

So how does it work, charging a car? It isn’t that hard at all, but you need to know what you need to do. Watch the short video* or read the story step by step how to charge an electric car underneath the video. 👇 Please note! Step 3 has been changed.**
* Video in Dutch.

Poppy ensures that the cars are always charged. Yet it can still happen that someone else has just driven the car, or you yourself would have to charge the car during a long drive. That’s possible and is completely at our expense! How do you do that?

Step 1: You park the car at a charging point for electric cars. In the video above you see an AC charger at work. An AC charger works on alternating current and therefore needs an average of 4 to 5 hours to charge a completely flat battery. It also uses the charging cable of the car. ⚡

AC charging

Step 2: You can charge the car with an AC charger like this: turn off the car by putting the car in ‘P’ and by pressing the ‘Start/Stop button’. You can activate the parking brake by pulling the button of the parking brake in the central control panel. If the button turns orange, the parking brake is on. You can read how to do this here.

⚠ It is important that the battery (‘engine’) is turned off before you connect the car to a charging station. If you do not do this, a technical malfunction may occur. ❌

Step 3: Now take the charging card out of the glove box**. Get out of the car and grab the charging cable out of the trunk. At the right rear of the car you can find a cover with a battery logo. You can open it by pushing it once on the left side. The cover then opens automatically.

Step 4: Now put one end of the charging cable in the car. Pay attention! Each end of the cable will only fit in a single connector. One fits into the car, the second one in the charging station. Now insert the other end in the charging station, so that the car and the station are connected to each other. Make sure the cable lays neatly next to the car so that no one will stumble over it. Give both sides another good push. The car will not charge if the connectors are not pushed in hard enough.

Elektrisch laden
Make sure both ends of the charging cable are pushed in firmly.


Step 5: Swipe/Hold the charge card in front of the scanner on the charging station. You will hear a beep. Now go back to the car and look on the dashboard to see whether there’s a green plug flickering and also check the charging time needed to fully charge the car. If you see that, the car is charging. If you don’t see it, you probably did something wrong in the previous steps. Then try again! ⚡

Step 6: Is the car charging? Great! Now put the charging card back in the glove box** and close all windows and doors. To lock the charging cable, lock the door. You can do this by performing a ‘Stopover’ or by clicking on ‘End trip’. It depends on what you want to do with the car and where you are (inside or outside the zone).


Step 7: Do you want to disconnect an AC cable from the car? If you are in ‘Stopover’, simply resume your trip. When you start a new reservation, you open the car. You can now simply pull the cable out of the car. If this does not work immediately, walk to the driver’s side and open the door. On the inside of the door, you press the button to lock the doors and then the button to unlock (those buttons have the icon of a closed and an open lock respectively). This will also give the charging cable a signal to unlock. Now you can pull the cable out of the car. 🔋

Step 8: Then also pull the cable out of the charging station and put it neatly back in the trunk of the car. Now you’re good to go!

Infographic on how to charge a e-Golf
How to charge a Poppy e-Golf

DC charging

There are also fast chargers (called DC chargers) that operate on direct current instead of alternating current. If you want to use one of those, please contact us at 0800 626 12 (free) so we can explain to you in detail how this works.

Do you have any questions regarding electric cars? We are happy to help you! Send us a chat message by clicking on the red dot at the bottom right of your screen on the website. 🔴 At your service! 🙌

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