How much time you spend in traffic jams… and some other impressive numbers 😱

Antwerp ranks 94th in the ranking of the cities that are the most affected by traffic. It is therefore the most congested city in Belgium, followed by Brussels which is in second position.

Belgium is well known for being a very small country, but also for having a dense road network. The Belgian attaches great importance to his car and this can be seen in the number of daily traffic jams but also through other impressive facts.

Antwerp is the most congested city in Belgium according to the most recent figures of the the American institute INRIX which gathers information about traffic.

Infographics about traffic jams and parking issues.
Infographics about traffic jams and parking issues.

Traffic jams 🚗🚗🚗

In Antwerp you lost in 2018 141 hours in traffic jams. This is why Antwerp ranks as the 94th city the most impacted by traffic worldwide.

Brussels is 154th with 195 hours lost in traffic. This represents indeed more time, but the impact is calculated on the population of the city and the delays caused by traffic. That’s the reason why Antwerp is higher in the ranking.

The goal with Poppy is to offer part of the solution to this congestion. If you know that one shared car can replace up to twelve private cars, then Carsharing can definitely help reducing traffic jams.

Parking costs 🧾

Interparking Meir
Park your car at Interparking Meir in a trice!
Antwerp 📍

Parking in Antwerp is really expensive: in fact, it’s the most expensive Flemish city center in terms of parking. It costs 11,20€ to park your car in Interparking Meir for 4 hours. Fortunately, you can leave your Poppy there for free. You can also park your Poppy car for free on public parking spaces where you’d normally lose a lot of money at parking meters.

Airport parking 🛫

Would you like to go by car to the airport and just enjoy sun for a whole week? Currently, you’d have to pay 99€ to leave your car at Brussels Airport for such a long time. Prices have already risen by twenty percent since 2012 and those prices were already way higher than in The Netherlands and Germany at that time. That’s what appears from a report from travel website

But for this issue too, Poppy is providing you a solution: for an extra fee of only 10 or 15€, you can leave your Poppy in the Interparking at Brussels Airport. You can read this article to see how to proceed.

Antwerp Airport is de cheapest airport in Belgium. You can leave your car there for a week for 56€. Until 2015, this parking was even completely free. Now, what you can do is leave your Poppy car in the airport’s neighborhood for free. That way you can save a lot of money!

Stationary cars 🚗

According to the CEO of Mikael Colville-Andersen, cars stand still 95 percent of the time on average. Knack’s facts check shows that in Belgium this is even a ‘conservative estimate‘. A shared car for example, is moving a lot more than private cars. A shared car can be used by someone less than 5 minutes after someone else took it and then again three hours later by someone else for example. With Carsharing, fewer car are needed, which is good for the environment and more parking spaces are then available.

Looking for parking spaces 🔍

It’s often really difficult to find a parking space in Antwerp. We can’t really say exactly how much time we lose, looking for parking spaces in the streets. There’s no figure on this for Belgium but we can cross the Atlantic and look at what the situation is for the Americans. They lose an average of 17 hours a year searching for parking. Knowing you lose in Antwerp 38 hours in traffic jams, then, you will end up with 55 hours lost per year because of traffic and parking issues.

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Poppy is now one complete mobility app 📲

The carsharing platform Poppy has evolved to a complete mobility app. Now you’re not only able to share cars, but also electric scooters and electric kick scooters through the same app.

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