How do I use a Poppy kick scooter? 🛴

Next to cars and scooters, you can now also use Poppy kickscooters in Antwerp and Brussels. Therefore Poppy is the first free-floating platform in Europe that offers sharing cars, sharing scooters and sharing kickscooters in one single platform.

In January 2018 Poppy launched its eco-friendly sharing cars in Antwerp. In the summer of last year, we added the electric scooters and from now on, you can also use electric kick scooters. In this article, you’ll read how you use these kick scooters.

It’s quite easy to use an electric Poppy kick scooter. With the Poppy app, you can book a step the same way you booked a car or a scooter before. After the reservation, you click on ‘Open vehicle’ and then the kick scooter is ready to use.

How does a Poppy kick scooter work?

As soon as the kick scooter is unlocked, you literally need to kick off as you’re used to with a non-electric kick scooter. To gain speed, you push the button on the right handle. To keep your speed, keep the button pressed down. So if you’re driving, you’re constantly holding that button down.

You can brake in four different ways:

  1. Do you want to brake softly, then you can just let go of the speed button. That way you’ll gradually lose velocity.
  2. The second way is to press down the button on the left handle while releasing the right handle. This way, you’ll lose some speed quickly.
  3. By pressing the brake above the rear wheel, you’ll brake even better.
  4. You can brake best by combining all three above ways: release the speed button and press the brakes on the left handle and above the rear wheel.
The steering wheel of a Poppy kick scooter
Push the green button to gain speed and the red one to brake.


Where am I allowed to drive with an electric kick scooter?

In general, you use the bicycle path to drive on. Is there no bicycle path? Then you are allowed to drive on the right side of the public road. A kick scooter is allowed to drive on the pavement, but only if he drives with a velocity of 6 kilometers an hour, which is usually not the case. A Poppy kick scooter can go up to 17 kilometers an hour, so then you’ll be driving either on the bicycle path or the public road.

Where do I leave my kick scooter after the ride?

After your trip, it’s important to leave your e-kick scooter properly. You can leave them on the pavement, but as close to the façade as possible and parallel to it. Let it stand by putting it upon the stand.

Kick scooters flinging about are one of the biggest frustrations of the passer-by. So please show that you’re able to leave your step in the proper way when you end your trip.

Do you want to test the Poppy kick scooters? Then download the app!

App Store download

Poppy on Play Store

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