Fuel up your Poppy vehicle now! ⛽️

Get some credits by fuelling up a Poppy vehicle 🔥

It’s possible to refuel you Poppy OPEL Corsa, and SEAT Ibiza 🚗


How it works:

1️⃣ Once you notice that the autonomy is below 70km on the SEAT Ibiza or OPEL Corsa:
– Head to a TOTAL fuelling station
– Retrieve the TOTAL card from the cardholder in the glove compartment
– Send “FUELPLEASE” to +32 460 24 11 19 from the phone number linked to your poppy account!

2️⃣ You’ll receive an SMS with the code of the fuel card and further instructions 📲
3️⃣ Refuel the car with E10 fuel until the tank is full 👌 (For the Ibiza, fuel only! No need to add CNG, Poppy will take charge of this)
4️⃣ When done, send “FUELDONE” to the same number
5️⃣ Put the card back in the cardholder of the glove compartment and enjoy your Poppy!

Don’t worry. You’ll find the necessary information in your SEAT Ibiza and OPEL Corsa 👊

There’s a sticker in the car with the number the SMS has to go out to and the text you have to send!

There are some rules to follow:
– If the autonomy is still above 70 km, it won’t be possible for you to fuel up ❌
-Fuel up to 100% to receive your Poppy credits

If you follow all of these steps then you’ll receive 3 credits on your account each time you fuel up 🔥

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