Drive to Charleroi Airport with Poppy 🛩

You can now take a Poppy SEAT Ibiza to Charleroi Airport 🚗

Charleroi Airport is our newest addition to Poppy’s airport parking (already including Brussels Airport and Antwerp Airport. You can now use Poppy to go to Charleroi Airport or to return home after a flight. Poppy has reserved the best parking spots for you at Parking EXPRESS (the rooftop parking, closest to the terminal), so you never have to worry about missing a flight 🙃

🚗   Which car to use?    

SEAT IBIZA is your go-to car to go to Charleroi 👊  Why? It’s our Inter-city car, which can be booked by users both from Antwerp and Brussels. You can’t use other cars to drive to Charleroi Airport ❌

🅿️ How to reach the parking?

Upon arrival at the airport, Follow the “🅿️EXPRESS” signs that will guide you to the rooftop parking where you’ll see our signs to the reserved Poppy parking spaces.

What if these places are all taken? No worries, just take another free spot, as close to our Poppy spots as possible 👊 Check out the video below for more information:

🅿️ How to enter/leave the parking?

The barrier has license plate recognition 👀 Should this not work, don’t stress ❌: the 🅿️ employees will open the barrier for Poppy cars ✅

💵 How much does it cost?

Poppy will charge an additional fee of € 25 to use the parking spots at Charleroi Airport. For this fee, you’ll be able to enjoy the closest parking there is. The fee is applicable both ways (leaving/taking a Poppy).

The whole month of September 🍀 we’re offering you € 25 discount if you go to Charleroi airport in a Poppy + use one to get back home after your break 😇 Meaning, by going to Charleroi and back home with a Poppy, you don’t pay 50€ for the parking fee but only 25€. No promo code needed – we’ll handle it 👊

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