Drive to Brussels Airport with Poppy ✈️

Great news! You can now use Poppy to go to Brussels Airport or to return home after a flight. Poppy has reserved the best parking spots for you in P1 so you'll never have to worry about missing a flight.

Of course, you’ll have some questions concerning your transport with a Poppy to Brussels Airport. Like: what’s the cost, where to park and so on. In this blogpost, we’ll go over everything you need to know. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride/flight! 🛫

We know the price is the most important to you so let’s get started with that.

Price 💶

Poppy will charge an additional fee for your transport to use the parking spots at Brussels Airport. For this small fee, you’ll be able to enjoy the closest parking there is: P1.

  • Did you take a car from or to the Antwerp zone? Then you’ll pay 15 euros on top of your trip.
  • Did you come from or were you going to the Brussels zone? Then you’ll pay 10 euros on top of your trip.

The extra fees are small in comparison to other transport possibilities. Especially when traveling in a group, Poppy is a cheap option to catch your flight without worrying about your transport. No need to ask friends or family to play cab for you or to use other solutions anymore!

Two Poppy's in Brussels Airport
Park on one of the yellow spaces specially reserved for shared cars.


How to get transport to Brussels Airport 🛫

With Poppy, you’ll be able to park in parking P1, which is nearest to the airport. You’ll get there by following these instructions or the video above:

  1. Take a Poppy in the streets of Brussels or Antwerp.
  2. Once you’re approaching the airport, follow the P1/P1 Front Parking signs.
  3. You’ll notice some ‘Carsharing Zone’ signs. Follow them up to level 3 and then go to P1 Fast Zone level 3.
  4. Scan the Interparking card to the terminal at the parking entrance (you don’t need to take a ticket or insert the card), you can find the card behind the sun visor. Don’t forget to put it back once you’re finished using it (you’ll need it twice).
  5. Park on one of the yellow spaces specially reserved for shared cars at the end of the parking, located closest to the doors.

Do all of the yellow parking lots happen to be occupied? Then you can park your Poppy at any other parking spot on the same level. The yellow parking spots are the ones closest to the airport, so please park your car there if there is room for that.

How to go from the airport to your zone 🛬

Interparking levels
In front of the elevators, you can see the carsharing logo on level three and the information logo on the ground floor.


Follow these instructions to get to your car:

  1. Book a Poppy car with the app.
  2. Go to level 3 of the parking and then follow the P1/P1 Front Parking signs.
  3. Find your Poppy on one of the carsharing spots and unlock it with the app. You can put your luggage in the spacious trunk.
  4. Scan the Interparking card to the terminal at the exit (exactly the same way as at the entrance, you don’t need any ticket and you don’t have to insert the card into the reader). Don’t forget to put it back at its place once you’ve finished using it (again, you’ll need it twice).
  5. Park anywhere you want within the Poppy zone in Brussels or Antwerp.

The app will automatically add the additional cost to your trip and you won’t have to worry about anything! Just sit back, relax and enjoy your ride and flight.

What if there is no Interparking card? 💳

Woman rings the intercom in Interparking
At every barrier and terminal, there is a button to call the helpdesk of Interparking.


Unfortunately, there will be cars that don’t have an Interparking card or that do have one, but the previous user took a ticket instead of scanning the card. Still, there’s nothing to worry about. We’ve also taken care of this issue.

At every barrier and terminal, there is a button to call the helpdesk of Interparking. If you’re experiencing any issues, just push the button and explain the situation. They’ll be happy to help you out.

  • If there are a ticket and an Interparking card in the car, you can just go to the terminal at the exit and ring the intercom. Then you need to give the last six numbers of your Interparking card and they will open the gate for you.
  • If there is no Interparking card, you also need to drive up to the terminal and ring the intercom. There they will ask the license plate of the car and they’ll also let you continue your ride home.

Are you ready for this new and easy transport mode from and to the airport? Download the Poppy app and let’s fly! 🛩

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