Buy now prepaid credits packages with your ecocheques ♻️

Edenred ecocheques

From now on you can also buy prepaid credits packages with your Edenred ecocheques. It's NEW, complete EUROPEAN PREMIERE and ONLY at Poppy !

🚘 What's a prepaid credit package again ?

At Poppy, you have 2 different payment methods:

1.) Either you pay per minute while you're driving.

Quick reminder of driving prices per vehicle

  • 🚗 0,36€/min
  • 🛵 0,30€/min
  • 🛴 0,25€/min (only in Antwerp)

2.) Or you want to pay less per minute and you buy credits in advance:

  • you pay starting from 0,25€/min instead of 0,36€/min for cars
  • you can use them whenever you want (at once or split up)
  • valid for 12 months on all vehicles

All info on Poppy prices 👉🏼 here

Are you looking for a mobility solution for your business trips, check our business offer 👉🏼 here

💡 You can now also drive unlimited with Poppy for Business for only 600€/month !

♻️ Fine, but what's the link with my ecocheques ?

It's very simple! Actually, from now on you can use your ecocheques when you buy a prepaid credits package! 😱 This way, you're sure to use your cheques before they expire, you support an eco-friendly initiative, and your package is valid for 12 months.

♻️ How many cheques can I use ?

You don't have to use all your cheques at once. Actually, you will be able to chose between 4 different existing packages.

⚙️ How do I proceed ?

  • 1️⃣ Visit our dedicated package page on our website, here
  • 2️⃣ Then choose between the 4 existing packages
  • 3️⃣ Fill in the form with your information. Want to pay with your ecocheques ? Choose the option "Paiement par carte/Card payment". Want to pay with your bank card ? Choose the option 'Cartes bancaires (Mollie)".
  • 4️⃣ You get a confirmation email and your credits will be added within 24h on your Poppy account

💳 Finally, what are my payment options at Poppy ?

  • 1️⃣ Credit card or prepaid card but for this one make sure to have enough money on it. Otherwise when you will try to end the trip, we won't be able to take the money on your card and your Poppy account will be blocked automatically.
  • 2️⃣ These are all the payment methods available on our online shop : Bancontact, SOFORT Banking, Belfius Direct Net, KBC/CBC Payment Button, PayPal, Bank transfer, ING Home'Pay, and Debit cards.
  • 3️⃣ Edenred ecocheques
  • ⚠️ Be careful: no matter the payment method you'll choose, you'll need a valid (prepaid) credit card to get a valid Poppy account. No valid card = no approved account  🤕

Still have questions on how to buy prepaid credits packages with your ecocheques ? Join us on the chat or send us an email at 🚀