4 shared mobility trends that are all over the place 📈

Sharing is caring. The homo sapiens used to make it a game owning as much as possible, but for the homo futuralis sharing is the new owning.

Sharing makes life easier and more fun. We can see that trend expanding to the mobility landscape as well. Have you ever tried one of these four shared mobility solutions?

Shared mobility has been around for a very long time and you’ve undoubtedly used it before: public transport, cabs, renting a car, carpooling, … But these traditional transportation methods are gradually being pushed to the background for innovative ideas. We used to buy tickets, but now we’re doing everything with an app!

Let’s put the cards on the table. The four trends regarding shared mobility are: the sharing bike, the electric scooter, the car and the electric kickscooter. You can find all of them in Belgium and more specifically in Antwerp and Brussels, where you can find all for of them at once.

Shared mobility

1. The bike 🚲

The first ‘new’ type of shared mobility the inhabitants of Antwerp got to know were the city bikes of Velo Antwerp. These are already burned into the DNA of Antwerp. You can unlock them with a code for daily or weekly passes, or with a personal card that’s valid for a whole year.

After Velo, other players stepped up their ground like Cloudbike and Mobit in Antwerp and Jump from Uber in Brussels. The difference between Velo on one hand and Cloudbike, Mobit and Jump on the other hand is that the latter are free-floating just like Poppy, and the former is stationary-based.

Poppy breidde het aantal scooters uit van 25 naar 100 elektrische deelscooters.
Poppy will soon add more scooters to their platform.

2. The scooter 🛵

If you were a rich cool kid, you’d get a scooter when you turned 17 years old. Now, everyone can just share one. Scooty was the first to appear on the market, but now they face fierce competition of Poppy.

Poppy began their scooter project in August of 2018 to test 25 scooters. Very soon, they’ll expand to 100 improved scooters, with an improved accessibility. All shared scooters in Antwerp are electric and therefore also eco-friendly.

3. The car 🚗

The biggest disruption in the shared mobility landscape of Antwerp was when Poppy launched 350 eco-friendly shared cars. Sharing a bike, nice. Sharing a scooter, cool. But sharing a car? Was mankind ready for that? Poppy gave it a shot and the rest… is history.

There are also other platforms with (slightly) different models, like Bolides and Cambio.

Antwerp got to know the future of mobility, because Poppy expanded its fleet from just shared cars to shared scooters and kickscooters.

4. The electric kickscooter 🛴

The latest trend landed in Antwerp last year: the electric kickscooter of Bird. Lime too tried to launch kickscooters in Antwerp, but the city put a hold to that because they didn’t have a license. The electric kickscooter works quite easily: unlock it with the app, start kicking yourself and then handle the speed with the button on the handle-bar.

In Antwerp there are three platforms with a license for electric shared kickscooters: Bird, Circ and -you guessed it- Poppy! That means Poppy is the only platform in the world to provide three different mobility solutions in one city.

These initiatives create tons of advantages: they’re eco-friendly (Poppy is also CO2 neutral), they’re cheap, better for traffic and they’re just fun!

You can easily choose which vehicle you need at that moment. The app will automatically change the price according to the vehicle of your choice. So like, download the Poppy app!

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