Poppy is 2 years old 🎂

Poppy extends the fleet to 500 cars and renews the entire fleet.

Poppy, a 100% Belgian start-up, is celebrating a new milestone in its development by extending its fleet to 500 cars. At the same time, it is also renewing its entire fleet. The first model, the SEAT IBIZA CNG arrives in the streets of Brussels and Antwerp at the beginning of this year. 🆕

To launch Poppy, D’Ieteren, the initiator of the project, based itself on some key figures concerning Belgian mobility: a private car is parked 96% of the time, 30% of a city’s surface area is used for parking, 12% of the time at the wheel is actually spent in traffic jams and the average cost of a car is estimated at €410 per month.

💡To allow a change in mentalities towards shared mobility, the availability of vehicles is however crucial. Poppy is fully aware of this and it is to meet this expectation that the start-up has decided to extend its fleet to 500 cars, spread between Antwerp and Brussels. 4 new models of ecological cars will thus be added to the brand’s car park. The first car in circulation from February 2020 will be the SEAT IBIZA CNG and the other 3 types will follow very quickly. 🚗


Electric kick scooters will not be outdone in 2020, as new models are planned before the summer: more robust and safe, they will be better adapted to “typically Belgian” roads to ensure even greater safety for passengers. 🛴

Multimodal and intercity mobility to travel differently

In just 2 years, Poppy has multiplied actions to accelerate its development between Brussels and Antwerp. It has become the leading supplier of car-sharing in Brussels, Antwerp and around Brussels airport, which allows for easy and transparent travel. Its little extra? A journey started in one of these three areas can end in another. Intercity is central to the brand’s vision, as is multimodality. That’s why Poppy has decided to integrate its scooter and scooter-sharing offers into the same application as the one for cars. 🚗🛵🛴

The aim is simple: to offer Poppy users the widest possible choice of transport depending on the time of day, the distance to be covered and the number of people traveling.

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The new Poppy fleet soon in your street 🆕

Good news, Poppy's fleet is growing. 4 new models are coming soon...