About charging

Charging a POPPY is free. Therefore, you will not be paying for the charging session, and your time spent charging while on pause on a fast charger will not be billed to you either. Furthermore, if you top up the autonomy of a car beyond 80%, you will be rewarded with a €15 credit on your account.

How to charge?

First, find a charging station from the map and select it. You can find a charging station by scrolling the map or entering an address - for example, close to your destination.

Charging stations

Park at the station but leave the car unlocked. The connector screen will show at this point. Select the connector you wish to plug into by its identifying name.

Pick connectors

Completely pull the charging cable from the car's trunk if the station does not provide one.

Plug the cable from the car to the charging station and confirm it on the app. Then, your charging session should start.

How to leave?

Once your charging session has started, you can either: 

  • End your trip if you are within the zone on a slow charger (most city chargers are)
  • Pause your trip if you are charging from a fast charger. You will not pay for the time spent charging while on pause.

How to unplug?

First, unlock the vehicle. Then disconnect the cable from the car.

⚠️ If the cable does not come off quickly, do not try pulling it harder. It is still locked. Instead, try to unlock the car again using the central lock button on the driver’s door or dashboard and retry.

If the cable is not fixed to the charging station but is attached to the car, disconnect it and place it back in the car’s trunk.

You should be good to go!


If you top up the autonomy of a car beyond 80%, POPPY will reward you with a €15 credit automatically added to your account. You can use that credit for your next trip or for purchasing a pass.