Say 👋🏼 to the Volkswagen Polo! New in the Poppy fleet.

Let's welcome the 5th car model in the Poppy fleet: the Volkswagen Polo 6🔥 We are very happy to keep expanding the fleet, to offer you the most complete fleet possible and to be able to meet your needs! Ready for a tour? Discover here 👇🏼 everything you need to know before your first trip with the Polo. Still have questions? Leave us a message here.

The most complete fleet ever 🔥

After the Opel Corsa, the Seat Ibiza, and the 2 electric mini cars, the Seat Mii & the Skoda e-Citigo, it's now the turn of the Polo to join the Poppy family. Missed the e-Golf? We're giving you the mini version of it!

What does she look like? ⚙️
  • This one is the Polo 6: this model is bigger, more sportive, and more luxurious.
  • Like the Seat Ibiza, the Polo has a manual gearbox.
  • She runs on petrol and offers a comfortable autonomy of 600km.
  • 5 doors.
  • Parking assistant.
  • Isofix installation.
  • Small so easy to park but big enough to take your friend to the seaside.

What is specific to know? 💡
  • The key 🔑 to open the car is your app then you just have to push the "start button" once inside the car and you're ready to hit the road.
  • 📲 Connect your smartphone to enjoy all features.
  • ⛽️ Need to fill up? Head to the nearest station, fill up and we'll take care of the rest. All you have to do is enjoy your €15 credits!
  • ❤️ The Volkswagen Polo has been awarded five stars from Euro NCAP, which is the maximum safety score that can be achieved in a crash test.

Where can you find it? 🗺

The Polo is intercity. This means you can take one from Antwerp to Brussels and make a stop in Mechelen. Planning to travel? This is also the one you'll drive to the airport. 🛫 Of course, you can travel around Belgium, just bring it back to the Poppy zone once you're done. Do you really want to test this new car? There are 50 of them at the moment. Go in your app 📲, add filters so you only see cars on the map 📍