ROAD TO 2023 ⭐️🚀

What a year spent with you 🥳🚗

For Poppy, 2022 has been a year full of excitement, challenges and new developments. We have pushed ourselves and thanks to you we are continuing this great adventure. With over 100.000 users, 4 major zones, 4 types of vehicles in the app and over 1000 cars, Poppy has reached new heights.

Here's a look back at this wonderful year:

Some news in the app :

⛽️ The refueling function

  • You can use the app to fill up our cars with one of our partner pumps. Follow the instructions, you don't have to worry about anything, the transaction is settled directly between the supplier and Poppy.

📲 The radar feature and auto-booking

  • No cars around you? Activate the radar feature, you will be directly notified when a car arrives in the zone you've defined. You can also opt for the auto-booking function.

🥇 The Poppy loyalty program

  • Win points to climb from level to level by making trips with Poppy and enjoy the benefits and discounts offered at each new tier.

💰 The arrival of our passes and subscriptions

  • Open your app and discover our day passes and monthly subscriptions. Take advantage of an all-inclusive rate at a very attractive price.

Some big announcements :

🚐 The launch of vans

  • Need to move, go to IKEA, or just carry bigger stuff? We have the solution for you! Our Poppy vans are available in the Brussels and Antwerp zones.

🛴 The launch of E-scooters in Brussels

  • In August, we've added 2000 E-scooters in the Brussels zone. Open your app and try them!

🚲 The launch of E-Bikes in Brussels

  • Poppy is launching its E-Bike sharing service in Brussels, and now is offering 4 types of shared vehicles in Brussels under one app.

📍 The launch of Ghent

  • Poppy continues to grow and decided to launch the city of Ghent for the shared cars service. Ghent now becomes the 4th major Poppy zone.

🌍 The launch of Hoevenen and Lier

  • You can now find our Poppy cars in the streets of Hoevenen and Lier.

🇧🇪 The launch of getting out of the border

  • You can now leave Belgium with our Poppy cars. The authorized countries are : France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany. Don't forget that you must return to a Poppy zone in Belgium to finish your trip.

Some new vehicles :

A lot of new vehicles joined the fleet in 2022 🥳

  • Toyota Yaris
  • VW ID.3
  • Automatic Polo
  • Audi A3

And many more are on the way... 👀 Stay tuned, 2023 will be full of surprises. Thank you for this beautiful year full of projects and novelties. Ready for 2023 💪