Let the holidays begin ⛱

It's time to enjoy the holiday ⛱ This summer Poppy is taking you to your favourite places thanks to our day passes. Enjoy a car for one, two or three days from €65/day and go on an adventure! Sun is shining , grab a Poppy and drive to your destination in a smooth and confortable way ☀️ Here are a few ideas :

1. Eau d'Heure Lake 🏄

Situated one and a half hours from Brussels, and less than 2 hours from Antwerp, take advantage to cycle around the lake, to enjoy the water park, to walk in the surroundings or simply to lie down on the sand of the few creeks 🏝 Don't forget the water activities: paddle, windsurf, kayak... The Eau d'Heure lake promises you an unforgettable visit 🔥

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2. The North Sea ⚓️

There's nothing like getting away for a few days and breathing the sea air, with family or friends. Enjoy a few walks by the sea and feast on the shrimp croquettes of the local bistro 🍴

3. All the Festivals in Belgium 🎶

Are you a music fan? Poppy accompanies you all over Belgium to follow your favorite artists. Between Les Ardentes, Rock Werchter, the Brussel summer festival, there is plenty to do and listen 🎧 Don't wait any longer, book your tickets, take a Poppy and go enjoy these good moments.

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4. Walibi 🎡

Are you a thrill seeker? Or would you like to take your children on a carousel ride? 🎢 Located 30 minutes from Brussels and 50 minutes from Antwerp, Walibi is the activity for you! Enjoy a day at the park, and don't forget about Aqualibi, when the sun is shining it can also satisfy you 💦

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5. Forestia 🌳

Forestia welcomes you through the forest to discover the animals and activities inside the park. Among the various courses of accrobranches and climbs, there is something to satisfy all the ages 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 The little extra ? You can even enjoy the city of Spa located 15 minutes away.

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So, convinced? There are so many things to do, and thanks to Poppy, anything is possible. So don't wait any longer and make the most of your vacation ☀️