Our brand new Poppy steps are here 🔥

Steps launch

Here they are: our brand new, improved, cool STEPS 🔥the latest addition to our Poppy family


Enjoy a careless & fun ride in the streets of Antwerp with one of our 250 new steps!

The perfect vehicle for short distances in the city*, to get somewhere where parking is difficult or simply to cruise for fun 😃

Curious what this improved step offers you? Check this out:

  • Fully electric ✅
  • Driving speeds of up to 20 km/h (see that lightning bolt, that’s you going fast with our kick scooters) ⚡️
  • A sturdier and more robust model 💪
  • A two-legged rest so that they can be parked neatly 🅿
  • Front and back brakes for even better control 👊

Some specifications

  • Range up to 60 km
  • Max load: 125 kg
  • Max height: 200 cm
  • Amount of steps: 250

Makes you want to try them out, right? Go ahead with our promo code for a free unlock: POPPYSTEPLOVE, valid until 11/7.


  • €1 unlock fee (see promocode 👆)
  • 0,20€/min driving time
  • 0,15€/min stopover fee
We assure you they’re SO fun to drive 🚀

While you’re on it, we’d love to see pictures of you with our vehicles (hashtag #spotapoppy. Be careful though 🤕 📷)

Please follow the road code and pay attention to the people and vehicles around you ⚠️ We wouldn’t want to see you or others getting hurt 🤕!

How they work 🛴

Get to the step that you booked and unlock it with the app 📲

Then, start moving forward using your foot. Once you have a bit of momentum, start pushing down on the “Go” (1) lever that can be found on the right side of the handlebar. ⚡️

To brake use the brake levers gently. The left handle operates the back brake (2) and the right handle (3) operates the front brake ✊

Tutorial for steps

*Our steps can’t leave the Antwerp’ city centre, marked in dark red on the map below: