Hello Ghent 👋

Poppy Mobility, the 100% Belgian shared mobility start-up, continues to grow and develop across Belgium. Poppy is now offering its shared mobility service in a new city, Ghent.


It's been more than four and a half years since Poppy was launched in the city of Antwerp. In just a few years, Poppy has expanded to the cities of Brussels, Mechelen, the airports of Zaventem, Charleroi and Antwerp. Today, Poppy is expanding again in East Flanders, in the city of Ghent.

More than 80 free-floating vehicles are planned for the launch, but Poppy will not stop there.


Poppy mobility is a shared mobility application offering self-service shared cars and electric kick scooters. This means that shared vehicles are parked on the streets of Brussels, Antwerp, Mechelen, Ghent and that you just have to select the vehicle closest to you and get there to start your trip.

With an ever-growing fleet of eco-friendly shared vehicles, including more than 750 cars and 2000 electric kick scooters, Poppy is one of the major players in shared mobility in Belgium. This is why Poppy continues to expand in the city of Ghent, which will now host the shared car service.


Register for free with Poppy and receive 5€ of free credits to try the service. With Poppy, you pay per minute when you drive or pause your shared car or you can choose to take a day pass for even more freedom:

1. Day pass > from 65€/day - maximum 3 days

2. The 2 hours pass > 30€ for 2 hours of travel - 50km included

Leave your car in the zone without paying parking fees. With Poppy, parking is free. Fuel/refill, vehicle maintenance and taxes are also included in the price! The Poppy team takes care of everything.

Poppy is the freedom to choose the mobility solution best suited to the needs of each trip. Download the app and access more than 2,750 shared vehicles in the 4 major Poppy zones. Your app is your key. Pay only when you use the service. The best part? Works with Bancontact.


The city of Ghent, named Belgian champion of sustainable mobility in 2018 by the German Wuppertal Institute, thanks to its mobility plan, numerous bike trips, the development of public transport as well as a precise parking policy, is now turning to shared cars to complete its transport offer.

Car sharing is an alternative to public transport but can also be used in a complementary way with other means of transport provided by the city.

The arrival of car-sharing in Ghent would allow users to move around the city tranquently as well as to easily get out of the city to places less well served by public transport.

With 4 main zones and 3 airports, Poppy will accompany you on all your trips. Travel to the airport or to an zone of your choice with inter-city trips that allow you to start and end your trip in one of the zones served by Poppy. The inter-city routes offer many possibilities, not to mention that a user can also travel outside of these zones, across Belgium, as long as he/she brings the vehicle back and ends the trip in a Poppy zone.


Ghent will not be the only one to join the Poppy community. Indeed, Poppy is continuing its momentum and is starting a new stage in its development with the opening of a Walloon city soon. To be continued...