CNG at Poppy becomes bio thanks to Total ⛽

bioCNG at Poppy

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More than 50% of Poppy’s cars drives with CNG. Therefore, it was obvious that Poppy and Total would work together to deliver bioCNG for a greener mobility.

But what does this step forward actually mean?

⛽ What is CNG ?⛽

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is nowadays an alternative in the long process towards a greener mobility. Less polluting than gasoline and diesel, it is also a widely available resource. It is therefore, for the moment, the cleanest fossil fuel, emitting the least harmful particles. In addition, driving on natural gas is also economically more advantageous.

🥕Bio, yet more bio ! 🥕

Yes, organic is for everyone, even for the CNG of Poppy & Total. Also called biomethane, bioCNG is a fully sustainable and renewable variant of CNG. It is produced by upgrading biogas, which is made through the fermentation of organic materials, such as plant waste, sewage sludge and manure. Driving at the bioCNG makes the mobility almost CO2 neural!

📍Where does it come from ? 📍

No need to go far for a qualitative bioCNG ! Our northern neighbours, in Holland, the necessary infrastructure is available. It is produced in a fully circular and sustainable fashion, using locally sourced organic material. The end product is organic certified. ✅

🌍 What is the environmental impact of bioCNG? 🌍

bioCNG helps to further reduce CO2 and pollutants emitted by cars Here some figures :

  • 80% 👉🏼 equals the quantity of less CO2 than diesel and petrol powered vehicles and do not emit any soot.
  • 30% 👉🏼 equals the lower impact on health compared to the diesel Euro VI standard
🚗 Total bioCNG, & Poppy, so obvious 🚗

For Poppy and Total, this is an additional step in the long process towards greener mobility. The choice is simple:

  • 1️⃣ bioCNG has a lower impact on the environment
  • 2️⃣ Transport cost is 50% cheaper than the one of diesel and petrol
  • 3️⃣ He’s more than welcome in low emission aeras
  • ✌️ Don’t worry, nothing change for Poppy users ! ✌️

Discover all the advantages of using gas as an energy source 👉 here It's practical, economical and ecological. This solution is also more and more coveted and ready for the future. For the car, CNG is a sustainable, low-cost alternative to diesel and gasoline.

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