All about Poppy 🚗💨

All about Poppy 🚀 Zones, prices, how it works... Discover below all the features, how our red vehicles work and take the road in complete freedom 🚗🛴 Not yet a Poppy user ? Download the app here

Poppy will have no secrets for you! 👇

1. Poppy all-inclusive price 💰

The comfort of a personal car without the constraints that come with it, with Poppy you have everything included:

  • Gas. You can even fill up with gas through the app and earn free credits (see paragraph 5)
  • Parking in Poppy zones. Yes, your parking is also free with Poppy. Just make sure you park your car in a Poppy zone in Antwerp, Brussels or Mechelen and we'll take care of the rest
  • Insurance. Need more info? All your answers 👉 here
  • The maintenance of the vehicle. Our team works 7 days/week to provide you with perfect vehicles

Poppy works with a fixed rate per minute of 0.39€ and a 1€ unlocking fee for each trip. We also offer passes and subscriptions allowing you to ride at a much lower price depending on your daily or occasional use. A subscription is automatically renewed every month, without any commitment. You can therefore stop at any time. These passes also allow you to take a vehicle for a duration of 1-2 or 3 days at a very advantageous price including 200km per 24h. Discover all the advantages 👉 here

2. How to book a vehicle and how does it work?

Poppy is available in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Mechelen and at the airports of Zaventem, Charleroi and Antwerp. Poppy has more than 750 cars in free-floating in its different zones and 2000 kick scooters in Antwerp.

To book a Poppy, open the app to select one of the vehicles in your neighborhood. Feel free to filter them according to your needs. You have 15 minutes to get to your vehicle. Not enough time? Don't worry, you can book your vehicle up to 24 hours in advance for an additional fee. When you're ready, walk to the Poppy vehicle and open it by tapping your screen, your app is your key.

With a kick scooter, you are not allowed to leave the Poppy zone. With a car, you can travel all over Belgium but it will not be possible to finish your trip outside a Poppy zone. Remember to bring your car back to a Poppy zone to finish your trip. Please note that it is forbidden to leave Belgium with our vehicles and to park a vehicle in an underground parking lot. You can find several parking garages with which we are partners in your application.

3. Pause your trip and keep your vehicle ⏸

Whether inside or outside a zone you can choose to pause your vehicle and have it held for as long as you wish. Just get out of your vehicle, press the "PAUSE" button and you will pay 0,30€/min until you start driving again or until you finish your trip.

Please note that outside a Poppy zone you are not allowed to finish your trip which means that if you stop your vehicle will automatically be put in "PAUSE" mode. You will be able to finish your journey once the vehicle has returned to a Poppy zone in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent or Mechelen.

4. Poppy at the airports ✈️

Poppy is available at Zaventem, Charleroi and Antwerp airports. Poppy charges an additional fee for parking at the airports.

🔁 Rate applicable to drop off and/or pick up a Poppy at the airport.

  • 🅿️ Brussels airport (Zaventem) : 15 euros
  • 🅿️ Antwerp airport (Deurne) : 5 euros
  • 🅿️ Charleroi Airport : 30 euros

Need more information about how to get to the airport? Everything can be found here 🛩

5. Poppy features 🛠

Check out the features Poppy offers below to make your life easier.

    Time to fill up? Open your app and find the nearest gas station. Select your pump, fill up and we'll take care of the rest. Enjoy your free credits 👉 More info here
    Need a car for later but no cars are available around you? Thanks to our radar, you will be notified directly when a car arrives in the zone you have marked off. You can also select the "booking" option to have your car automatically booked when one arrives in your zone!
    An important meeting or something planned? Now you can book your Poppy vehicle up to 24 hours in advance by adding the desired minutes or hours to the car you've booked.
    To enjoy Poppy without any worries, select the "insurance plus" option on your next trip. In case of an accident, the insurance plus allows you to reduce the excess to 750€ instead of the usual 1500€.

Now you know all the little Poppy secrets 🚀